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Software Applications Supported by HolidayCoro Lighting Controllers
Last Updated: 05/31/2021
HolidayCoro sells a wide variety of hardware that allow you to build most any project but what we don't sell is software - and for a good reason. We believe there are many good applications on the market today that meet a wide variety of needs and that this wide variety of products can meet nearly all the specific needs of our customers. All HolidayCoro controller hardware is compatible with all sequencing applications on the market and a huge number of other "lighting deck" applications on the market that also use standards based protocols.

Please note that HolidayCoro does NOT support these applications - they are supported by the vendor or group that has released them. HolidayCoro will though, assist you at no charge ensure that your hardware is fully operational with these applications.

Class: Pre-Sequenced Lighting Output
Applications: Holiday Lighting

Light-o-Rama S5
(ShowTime Designer Pixels)
(Preferred Application)
General Comments LOR is an legacy application going back to 2000 and it has been upgraded over the years but generally for more modern controller systems, including pixels, it has lagged behind applications like xLights. The main customer for LOR S5 would be someone migrating from an earlier version of LOR. Anyone starting out new should not start with LOR software due to the cos and reduced functionality.

Approximately 25% of our customers use LOR S5 software.
xLights started as an output only software in 2011 and since that time has evolved into a very complex and mature application for sequencing. xLights main advantage is that it can control and do just about everything - from lighting controllers, to stand alone devices to video projectors but it is that complexity that also means the application can be harder for some people to learn.

Approximately 65% of our customers use xLights software.
Support Phone (+1-518-539-9000)
Trouble Ticket
Facebook (closed group)
Cost (USD)
$189.95 (New)
$20.00 - $120.00 (Upgrade)

Purchase Website Link
Note that LOR's website shows "S4" but the licence is valid for S5 also.

Website Link
Download Page
Best Used With Complex pixel based elements (MegaTrees, House Outlines, Arches, etc) Complex pixel based elements (MegaTrees, House Outlines, Arches, etc)
Hardware / PC Platforms Supported for Sequencing Windows Windows, Linux, Mac
Note that the Mac version does not support the xLights Scheduling application
Hardware / PC Platforms Support for Show / Data Output Windows Windows / Mac / Linux

Standalone Operation :
HinksPix PRO Controller (one controller in application, many in free HSA application) - Built in (Windows Only)
Falcon Pi Player - Add on device
Complete details on stand-alone operation
Skill Level Required for Operation Medium Medium / High

Notable mentions:
  • Vixen - Older application, not well supported, typically not recommended for customers not currently using the application. This application does work with all HolidayCoro products.
  • LOR 3 - Not recommended, extremely old.
  • LOR S4 - Works but not recommended, we recommend switching to LOR S5. This application does work with all HolidayCoro products.

Class: Real-Time Sequencing
Applications: Night Clubs, DJ Work

Madrix LightJams Jinx Resolume

Support Support Site
Most support is provided by the re-seller
Support Site
Support Group

Cost (USD)
$375 to $6,000+

Website Link
Free (Test)
$30 Rent / 2 Day
$249 - $499 Purchase

Website Link
$350 to $900

Website Link

Best Used With Clubs, DJ's and projects that require the ability to "sequence" to music on the fly. Clubs, DJ's

Hardware / PC Platforms Supported for Sequencing Windows Windows
(Parallels for Mac)
Windows Windows/Mac

Hardware / PC Platforms Support for Show / Data Output Windows Windows
(Parallels for Mac)
Windows Windows/Mac

E1.31 Based Controller Hardware:
AlphaPix 4
AlphaPix 16
HinksPix PRO / AlphaPix Evolution Controllers
Requires PC with Network Interface
(additional information)
RS485 Based Controller Hardware:
27 Channel Controller #24
30 Channel Controller #40
3 Channel Controller #37
3 Channel Controller / #27
3 Channel Controller / #38
Requires RS485 Output Interface

USB Based Actidongle
(additional information)

Ethernet Based AlphaPix Controllers
Using built-in RS485 Outputs
(additional information)
Skill Level Required for Operation Medium / Advanced Medium Unknown Medium / Advanced

Setup instructions for AlphaPix Controller How to setup the AlphaPix with Madrix
Do not use E1.31, use only Artnet Protocol with Madrix
Setup Videos Manuals Setup outputs as Unicast to ArtNet
Multiple outputs can be configured
to support multiple controllers

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