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Commercial Displays - Malls, Municipal Projects, Zoos, Drive Through Parks, Theme Parks and More
Last Updated: 01/22/2024
  • Since 2008, HolidayCoro has work with consultants, lighting designers, production companies on projects with Mega Churches, Zoos, Theme Parks, Drive Through Parks, Malls, Municipal Displays and more. Here is just a small sampling of some of the projects we've worked on:

Stancil Entertainment / Thunder City Pro
Entire mall complex, extensive long range smart receivers, total time from design to ship was under 3 weeks
Lake Mead Chick-Fil-A
All HolidayCoro hardware, using Hinkspix PRO V3 controllers and long range receivers
Pixel Ribbon Strip and Hinkspix controllers
PMMG Design - Brookfield Zoo Project
Pixel and legacy AC lighting, extensive use of long range receivers
Started by Lighting Consultant, Completed by HolidayCoro
About $31k in hardware costs
Drew of Night Vision Lighting
High end residential displays
Old Navy Commercial - Completely custom matrix panels, project completed in under 2 weeks
Guam Park Project
From design to shipment - under 3 weeks, large deployment of Long Range Smart Receivers
Guam Interior Hotel Lobby Megatree - 25ft
From design to shipment - under 1 week
Church Accent Lighting with Vista V3 (Chroma) Lighting Deck Control
Total cost was under $700 USD

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