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Why HolidayCoro needs detailed information about your project
Last Updated: 08/28/2013

HolidayCoro often receives questions from customers that are open ended, meaning that the question isn’t about a single specific product such as - “what voltage does this operate at” but are instead along the lines of “I want to know how my project could use RGB lights.”  When we receive “open ended” questions, we often have a huge number of questions that must be asked and then answered by the customer (usually this must occur several times in order to narrow down the solution) in order to provide the customer an application specific answer to the question.  HolidayCoro won’t provide you with an answer that is approximate or a guess – we only provide answers to questions when we know that the answer provided is the best possible answer, including solutions that require third-party hardware or software.


Based on our experience, most open ended questions, to be properly answered, require 30 to 90 minutes of time to listen, then refine and then document and then answer follow up with additional questions.  Here in lies the problem – the absolute most important asset at HolidayCoro is our time.  So, HolidayCoro is more than happy to assist you with your project design in all the areas that it involves – power management, channel distribution, controller selection, light selection, mounting methods, assembly, wiring, signal management, etc. but we just can’t do it for free.


That said, HolidayCoro has, hands down, the absolute most useful technical and training information available, for free, on our website than any other vendor in this market.  That combined with many, many forums, means that the answers for “free” are out there for the taking.  Of course the tradeoff is always the amount of time it takes to develop that knowledge.  We also understand that some customers don’t have that time to invest in the days, weeks and months it may take to get to the level where these decisions come easy - and so we also offer consulting services.  Our consulting services are available in 30 minute blocks.  We generally recommend 60 minutes of time for the majority of open ended project designs.  If you don’t end up using the entire time purchased, we will refund (not just a credit) your unused time.  This is a simple and fast way to getting a solution developed by people who deal with complex displays and projects day in and day out since 2008.  Our consulting services are nearly always provided over the phone to provide the most efficient flow of information.


You can purchase consulting time from our website here.

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