HolidayCoro originally started in 2008 with the production of Coroplast based products by our parent company which manufactures many different types of items with computer controlled machinery - hence the name "HolidayCoro". As we were heavily involved with pioneering the introduction of RGB lighting and pixels into the Holiday Lighting community in 2010 and later, we then expanded our product lines into RGB based products. Since that time, HolidayCoro has gone on to become the most comprehensive and premier suppliers for the RGB Holiday Lighting community.

  • All three of our facilities are located in the North Houston, TX, USA area and completely run and operated by USA based HolidayCoro staff:
    • Shipping / Warehouse - From this location we assemble, pack and ship our products and warehouse the bulk of our products.
    • CNC Production / Admin Support / Lab / Warehouse - From this location we produce the bulk of our in-house manufactured products like coro and plastic items, have administrative and back office functions and additional warehouse space. We also have a top of the line 4'x8' UV printer at this location for printing on our plastic products.
    • CNC Production Only - From this location we produce mostly custom and long-run items or handle over-flow production from our other CNC production facility.
  • People
    • HolidayCoro has a total of 12 full time employees and a number of additional peak season part time and contract people. We have one dedicated employee in China to quality check and manage our operations for light and cable production and all remaining employees are located in the US including our customer service and sales operations.
    • HolidayCoro believes that people are the foundation of a great company and so we strive to ensure we hire and retain the smartest and most dedicated employees. The majority of our employees have worked with HolidayCoro for years.
  • Markets Served
    • HolidayCoro has customers in every market including amusement parks, Mega Churches, Zoo's, light parks, malls, cities and municipalities and residential homes.
    • In the more than decade we have been in business, we have designed solutions for just about every possible venue, location and for every budget range possible.
  • What Makes HolidayCoro Unique
    • Accuracy and Detail
      • Pre-Sales - Designing many projects can be complex and daunting for many customers and we absolutely love to ensure that our customers are educated on their design options and then receive a design that will 100% work as quoted. Some people are amazed that customer service is still available from skilled and competent people. All our sales people are 100% in-house. So if you want a complete design or just an answer to a really technical question, we have you covered.
      • Technical Support - We have a complete help desk system used by our support staff to ensure that your question is quickly answered and not ignored. We do not provide "generic" answers to questions and work hard to get to the root cause of problems so that the issue is resolved the first time so that our customer's time isn't wasted. For customers with remote support, we have a full scheduling system that allows you to pick the exact time that is right for you to be contacted by our support technicians.
      • Assembly - Our assembly staff use modern assembly line, torque controlled tools on static controlled electronics assembly tables. All our Ready2Run controllers are fully tested prior to shipment to ensure your products work the first time. 99% of custom assembled solutions are shipped within 24 hours.
      • Shipping - There isn't any other way to describe the packages we ship out other than - amazing. Due to the highly complex product mix we sell, nearly 50% of all items we ship are in custom made boxes designed to perfectly fit the products in your order. We provide extensive padding and are experts on ensuring that your package arrives properly and without damage. We also have a multi-step process to ensure every order is accurate including cameras recording each order being packed, bonuses for packing personnel that have zero packing errors and procedures that ensure that the right items are being shipped so we don't waste your time.
      • Products - We constantly work on improving our products - both imported and internally produced products.
        • Internally Produced Products - We constantly improve products based on experience and customer feedback and since we are vertically integrated, we can quickly change designs and incorporate new improvements.
        • Imported Products - We have a full time employee in China that manages all issues and quality checks at the factories that produce our lighting and wiring products to ensure that they maintain the quality we expect from our vendors. HolidayCoro management also visit China regularly to ensure our long term relationships are strong with our factories.
    • Speed - HolidayCoro is well known for how quickly we can ship out products. We order from our major competitors several times a year to confirm our shipping speeds and in every single case, HolidayCoro has faster pack and ship times than our competitors. We have competitors that run 1-5 weeks before the product is even shipped, while HolidayCoro ships 99% of orders the same business day they are ordered, including most custom assembled controller systems and custom printed products.
    • Inventory - HolidayCoro maintains more than two million USD in retail inventory to ensure that we have that item you need, when you need it.
    • Reasonable Pricing - HolidayCoro works hard to ensure that our prices are competitive and often lower than our competition while still offering free design, competent technical assistance and solid warranties on our products.
    • Custom Solutions - Due to the highly vertically integrated nature of HolidayCoro, we have the ability to customize just about anything for customers, including controllers, light mounting products, wiring, sub and full product assembly and completely new designs.

HolidayCoro Contact Information:

+1-832-500-3180 (US and international callers)

For email or other forms of contact, see our ContactUS page

CHECK / WIRE / ACH PAYMENTS: Please see the email or ticket confirmation for the mailing address or account information for order payments by check, wire or ACH.
RETURNS: Please contact us (see the "Contact Us" link below) prior to returning any items so that we may issue an RMA and a pre-paid return label.
LOCAL PICKUP: We are sorry but due to our classification as a manufacturing / warehouse facility, our insurance company does not allow on-site customer visits or pickup.
SHOWROOM: All of our facilities are dedicated to production or shipping of products and do not have completed products for viewing or a showroom.