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Why Purchase from HolidayCoro?
Last Updated: 07/28/2021
Why Purchase from HolidayCoro?

We know that you have choices when you decide to make your animated lighting purchases and sometimes it is hard to determine which vendor is a good choice. Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe you'll find HolidayCoro a great choice for your Holiday Lighting purchases:

  • Detailed Product Descriptions and Photos - HolidayCoro provides extensive information, photos and videos on our products so you know exactly what you will receive. While other vendors may feel that it is "confusing" to have more information than less information, we believe that an educated customer is a our best customer and customers can't make good choices without good, detailed information. Additionally, some vendors "leave out" information about their products so that they have more wiggle room - we don't believe that is good for customers.
  • Fast Shipping - HolidayCoro does everything possible to ship your order as fast as possible with 97% of orders shipping in under 24 hours (excludes PRE-SALE items). All orders receive a tracking number email when shipped so you know exactly when we shipped your package and often, when it will arrive. We also use USPS Priority Mail for many of our smaller orders (usually under 3 pounds) with delivery times of 2 to 3 days being typical. HolidayCoro does not "drop ship" any items - we stock ALL items we sell.
  • No Hidden Shipping Costs - We provide you a complete price, including shipping costs, with only your country, zip/postal code and state/province information, right up front so you know exactly what the total for your order is without a surprise after you've placed your order or after being required to enter all your personal information. Plus, our shipping costs are on average 23% lower than our direct competitors.
  • Large Inventory - On average, we stock nearly two million dollars worth of RGB related products in three separate warehouses, so instead of being disappointed after adding the items to your cart that they are "not in stock currently", you get your items now. Plus, when you need that "last minute" item later in the year you need to complete your projects, more than likely we'll have it in stock and ready to ship.
  • Low Prices - HolidayCoro constantly pushes the edge when it comes to efficiency in all our operations from our internal logistics to packaging - this ensures that we can continue to offer the lowest prices in the industry. HolidayCoro has even pushed many of our competitors prices down, including those selling directly from China, as a result of our relentless drive to provide value to our customers.
  • Great Service - We take pre and post sale customer support serious and strive to provide answers and solutions to 100% of customer questions typically within 24 hours. Customers don't often see the value of support until after the sale and that is why nearly 41% of our labor costs are for customer support alone. Additionally, you are not getting pat answers - we have more experience than any other vendor on pixels and RGB solutions because we pioneered the path for pixels starting in 2010. You can reach us via Chat, Email (preferred / quickest) or Phone (+1-832-500-3180) for your questions.
  • Educational Information - We post absolutely more free educational information via our Knowledge base, Blog and even in our product descriptions, than any other vendor on the market. You'll also find us at local events providing educational presentations, many which can be found on our KB.
  • Product Reviews - We provide unedited, real world customer reviews - good and bad, for our products and our company from our thousands of customers. This helps our customers and HolidayCoro identify great products and also identify products that need improvement.
  • Secure Transactions - Our website features fully encrypted transactions so your personal and credit card information is always secure. Additionally, at no time do we have the ability to see your credit card information or your login password. We never provide your personal information (name, address, phone, email) to any other person or company for any purpose other than processing your order or sending a newsletter.
  • Warranty - Unlike the majority of our competitors, we list the warranty details for the majority of our products right on the product page and in our Knowledge base. Items purchased from eBay, Amazon and directly from China typically have a very limited (30 days is common) warranty period, if any at all. HolidayCoro also provides pre-paid shipping (excludes non-US orders) for nearly all defective products covered under warranty (excludes PRE-SALE items) - we don't believe you should have to pay to ship a defective product "both ways" like the majority of our competitors.
  • We Are Detailed - In everything we do we make every possible effort to do it 100% correctly, every time. This includes having our electronic products post-assembly tested by our manufacturer, to our double verification during our product shipping operations. We know that even a small mistake with a product or order wastes your time and it increases our costs. We do everything we can do to ensure your order is right 100% of the time. That is reflected in our internal motto - "Assume it is always wrong - until it is not."
  • Designed and Made in the USA - We design all our products - both imported and manufactured, right here in the USA and we produce over half of the products we sell in our Houston, Texas factory using US materials. Due to our short and highly controlled supply chain, we can resolve problems and improve products quickly.
  • Treating Your Right - We have a long history of treating all our customers fairly as we would want to be treated.

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