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What is the complete cost / What is required for a mini-light animated character?
Last Updated: 12/27/2017
Thank you for your interest in our Singing Faces / Characters that use Mini-Lights. This article covers what is required to complete these products including lights and controllers and also provide general suggestions and answers to common questions.

  • Applicable Products
    • All "mini-light" animated Singing Characters including Singing Christmas Trees (non-RGB version), Singing Pumpkins (non-RGB version), American Flags, Singing Snow men and others labeled with the title "mini-light".
  • Construction Information
  • Customer Purchased Items (Required)
    • Your purchase will include the following items:
      • A coro (plastic) board with pre-punched holes and pre-marked locations for installing the bulbs and in most cases, the controller channel for each given section
      • Instructions
      • Optional: Washers for mounting (see instructions above)
    • Mini-Lights
      • Either LED or Incandescent mini-lights can be used
      • Lights can be purchased at all common retailers such as Loews, Home Depot, Walmart, Target and thousands of online retailers.
      • For examples of acceptable light types, see our Knowledge Base
      • For the exact number of lights required, see the individual product listing details. For details on why products do not have the exact number of bulbs that match light strings, see our Knowledge Base
    • Controller(s)
      • NOTE: The number of controllers will vary based on specific product. See the product listing details for the exact number of channels needed.
      • If you have an existing LOR network you will need the following to control the lights:
      • If you do not have an LOR network you will need the following to control lights:
    • Misc Mounting Hardware
      • Depending on the specific product, additional items such as 2x4 wood, screws or washers may be required. See the product page of the specific product for specific details.
  • Estimated Costs
    • We are often asked how much it costs to complete a project. There are a number of factors that can affect the final cost and those include:
      • Light type (cheaper incandescent vs more expensive LED lights) and when lights are purchased (after season sales)
      • Construction materials
      • Controllers (some customers purchase DIY assembly units instead of ready to run style units)
    • Here are some ESTIMATED costs for two common products:
      • Singing Christmas Tree Face (per face) and Singing Pumpkin
        • Controller: $60 to $130 (pro-rated)
        • Lights
          • Incandescent: $70
          • LED: $120 (varies by full or half wave and quality)
        • Coro: $40
        • Misc hardware: $5 to $10

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