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Priority Technical Support and Assistance
Priority Technical Support and Assistance


Availability / Ships: 12 to 48 Hours (off-peak) / 6 to 48 hours, including weekends (off-peak)
Product Code: SUPPORT8

Support Time Period

1 Hour of Priory Support Via Phone and/or Remote Control (Valid for Sept / Oct / Nov / Dec 2021) [Add $159.95]
    Paid support must be used within the year it is purchased
 - Subject to terms and conditions listed below on this page
 - Valid only for USA and Canadian Customers
 - To purchase multiple hours of support, enter the number of hours in the QTY box below

[Product Description Page]
Product Features
HolidayCoro understands that each customer is unique and has different levels of skill, patience and time to dedicate for lighting projects. As such, we are happy to offer a variety of support levels for every step of a customer's project.The following table covers our different support options and was is provided with each method of support:

Support Options Matrix
Response Time
Peak (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec)

6 Hours to
12 Business Days
12 Hours to
3 Business Days
Response Time
Off-Peak (Jan through Aug)

2 Hours to
5 Business Days
1 Hour to
2 Business Days
Major Area Specific Area(s) Self Support

Youtube Videos
Knowledge Base Articles
HolidayCoro Support Forum
E-Mail Support

Dedicated e-mail
only response
from experienced
USA based technical support
No phone or remote support.
Priority Support

Phone call and/or
Remote Control
Session from
experienced USA based
technical support
Pixel Troubleshooting Partial working pixel string
Completely non-working string of pixels
Controller Wiring Power input wiring or power supply troubleshooting X
May be limited for non-HolidayCoro lights
connected to HolidayCoro controllers
Controller Configuration Controller configuration (universe, channel, etc) X X
AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only
Most Controllers
Networking Controller to Network Switch

AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only

Controller to PC X X
AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only

PC network configuration (IP, interfaces) X X
AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only
Windows PC's Only
Most Controllers
Windows and Mac PC's

Wiring / Cable / Duplicate Subnets X X
AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only

WiFi Integrated Networking
EasyLights Controllers Only X
PC Configuration Troubleshooting of PC Based Issues
(Firewalls, malware, etc)

Windows Only
Sequencing Applications Output Interface Configuration
(Universe, DMX channels)
AlphaPix / EasyLights
Controllers Only
See software vendor
AlphaPix / EasyLights Controllers Only
xLights and LOR S5 Only
Most Controllers
xLights and LOR S5

Prop / Element / Stage / Preview Configuration
and Troubleshooting
xLights and LOR S5 Only
See software vendor

xLights and LOR S5 Only

Sequence Configuration / Modification / Import X
xLights and LOR S5 Only

Sequencing from song or Animation Sequencing

Setup of Show + Scheduling See software vendor See software vendor X
xLights and LOR S5 Only

Here are our recommendations to best utilize Priority Support:
  • Ensure that the computer for which your show will be run from has the sequencing software you will be using (xLights, LOR S5 or other supported application) installed
  • Phone Call Sessions
    • Ensure that you are on a reliable phone that is clear to understand
    • Refrain from using speaker phone where possible. Consider using a headset or other hands-free device.
    • Remove any distractions such as barking dogs, TV's, kids or other external sources of noise
    • Focus discussion on the specific technical task at hand. While we will happily listen to customer discussions of issues of heath, jobs, family members or what happened last night, the time for these non-task related discussions will still be reflected in the total time utilized.
    • Answer phone calls received from HolidayCoro. This is a very common problem as many people will not answer their phones.
      • Phone calls from HolidayCoro will originate from a number of: +1-832-500-3xxx and show the location "SUGARLAND, TX" or "HOLIDAYCORO" in caller ID
  • Remote Control Sessions
    • The computer with the installed sequencing software must be connected to the public internet
    • Ensure that you can open the remote control support page: https:/www.HolidayCoro.com/Remote

Priority Support is offered with the following terms and conditions:
  • All support is provided in English language only.
    • Supported countries for support are: United States and Canada
  • Off-peak support (Jan though August) cannot be provided during peak period (Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec).
  • Support sessions cannot be broken up or time saved or "banked". In selected cases where troubleshooting is hindered by an issue or the issue is transferred to 2nd level support, the issue resolution will be resumed at a later time.
  • No refunds are provided on unused support time. If you are unsure if you will need Priority Support, make the purchase at the time you are in need of Priority Support.
  • Your support engineer will assess the issues and goals for the call and will confirm those goals and a defined set of criteria that will be met when those goals have been met. It is possible that based upon the customer provided goals that the purchased time will not be sufficient, in those cases, either additional time will need to be purchased or the goals of the support session will need to be reduced to fit within the support time purchased.
  • The following tasks are deducted from allotted time:
    • Efforts to contact customer (emails, voice mail, multiple phone calls)
    • Waiting for customer to install software
    • Waiting for customer to configure or setup hardware (cables, controllers, lights, resetting controllers, retrieving settings or data)
    • Resolving issues affecting operation of hardware or software but is not directly related to the specific goal. This includes but is not limited to:
      • Mal-ware installed on customer's PC that prevents proper operation
      • Browsers with proxy / redirect add-ins
      • Firewalls that prevent proper operation
      • Required software to complete setup, including updates and drivers
  • The following issues do NOT deduct from allotted time:
    • An issue that resulted due to a non-customer induced hardware issue (bug, factory defect)
    • A fault or issue due to an error on the part of HolidayCoro
    • Recording details of your support case in our ticketing system
    • Transfer of an issue to 2nd level support
  • HolidayCoro is not responsible for slow customer internet connections which may slow the remote control process
  • Remote control sessions and/or phone calls may be recorded for training purposes
  • Customers will be asked to interact with the support engineer and provide feedback about the status of the controller output (lights lighting up), plugging in cables or other physical tasks that are not possible via remote control
  • Computers must be setup with English language screen and keyboard.

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