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Stand Alone / Play on Controller Options for Holiday Displays
Last Updated: 12/23/2020
This article covers common questions about "S tand Alone" playback of sequences. Let's start off with some basic information:

  • The typical process for a holiday lighting display is as follows:
    • Sequence is written for controllers in display
    • Sequence is loaded into a "player" that then pushes out the data (e1.31, LOR protocol, etc)
    • The player is scheduled to play specific sequences in the player on a schedule
    • Data is sent to controllers and lights light up
  • FAQ
    • How do I use my Light-o-Rama director (G3-MP3, etc) with modern e1.31 pixel controllers?
      • The LOR director is an older technology that only works with RS485 interfaces and thus only works with LOR specific controllers using the propiritarty LOR protocol. As such, the LOR director can ONLY be used with LOR controllers and no modern controllers on the market. Sadly, this means that this device is no longer useful when moving to these modern controller systems.
    • Can I control my Light-o-Rama controllers using other newer non-LOR "director" type devices?
  • See the chart below for specific technical details of each common solution for stand alone playback:

PC Computer
HinksPix PRO Light-o-Rama Director
Falcon Pi Player
N4-G4-MP3 Showtime Director
(4 Network Jacks)
Software Compatibility

xLights Yes
xSchedule (free)
Yes No Yes No
Light-o-Rama S5 Yes No Yes No Yes
Vixen Yes No No No No
Yes No No No No

Yes Yes No Yes No
Yes No No Yes No
Yes No No Yes No
LOR / LOR Enhanced
Yes No
Yes (DMX mode on LOR controller)
Yes (DMX mode on LOR Controller)
e1.11 / DMX 1990
Yes Yes No Yes
General Cost (in USD) Hardware $200 - $1000 $35 (over cost of regular controller)
Built-in functionality on controller
$269.95 $50 to $150
Depends on options
Purchase Link

Max Pixel Count
50,000+ 24,480
(on controller or external)
Limited Distances at this count
30,000+ 2,600 per network cable output
10,400 per director (4 networks)
FM Transmitter External
$75 to $140
$89 - Built-in / integrated
Purchase Link
$75 to $140
$75 to $140
$75 to $140
$75 to $140
Video playback Yes No No Yes No
Easy of Use Easy Moderate to Complex Moderate Complex Moderate
Storage method Local Hard drive Micro SD Card SD Card Micro SD Card SD Card
Controller to Controller Linking No Yes
Wired or Wireless
No Yes
Wired (FPP to FPP)
WiFi Control N/A Yes
Master / slave with full wireless
No Yes - for access to interface / controlYes (non-standard)
Only valid for legacy AC based lights, not pixels
Form Factor Laptop to Desktop Built-into Controller Stand alone box
Size of package of Oreo's
Stand alone box
Size of two packs of cigarettes
Stand alone box
Size of package of Oreo's
Scheduling (Built-in Clock) Yes Yes (on-board battery & internet time) Yes (on-board battery) Yes (optional on-board battery & internet time) Yes (on-board battery)
Display / Interface Yes Yes / OLED Display
Shows song, frequency, other details
Web interface / Remote control
None Optional OLED Display
Optional HDMI Output (not typical)
Web interface / Remote control
4 Basic LED segmented numbers
No remote control

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