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Commercial Displays - Malls, Municipal Projects, Zoos, Drive Through Parks, Theme Parks and More
Since 2008, HolidayCoro has work with consultants, lighting designers, production companies on projects with Mega Churches, Zoos, Theme Parks, Drive Through Parks, Malls, Municipal Displays and more.
Customer Supplied Tools and Supplies
As the majority of our products are Do It Yourself, they often require customer supplied tools or materials. This page references some of those materials, recommendations, estimated costs and where y
Death of the Grid (Object Oriented Sequencing or OOS)
Animated Christmas lighting is getting more and more complex each day and programming it all is becoming quite a task. This is an article we wrote describing what we feel is the future of sequencing
Differences between Chip Protocols
This page contains information about the differences between different types of protocols / chips used in pixels Pixel Protocol/Chip 2801 WS2801
Display Design (Presentation)
(2010 Lone Star Holidays Academy) This presentation covers the "higher level" aspects of a display.   Download Presentation
DMX + Power over CAT5 System Details
Some of our products are built on a " DMX + Power over CAT5" system. This article explains about the system and why it may or may not be right for your display. There are cases where
Do HolidayCoro "Coro" type products come with lights?
For products that use "minilights", such as Singing Faces, Skeletons, Dancing Santa, etc, these products do not come with included mini lights. The reason that we don't supply lights with the produc
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status and Policies
How do you store coro items in the off-season?
This page contains examples of methods you can use for storage of our coro based products.    CoroTrees / Pumpkin Bunch Faces While each customer builds their products a little bit
How we ship 4'x8' sheets of coro
This video shows how we ship our 4ft x 8ft virgin sheets and larger coro items.
I'm new to RGB Lighting - Where can I go for help?
Have you seen the amazing displays that can be created with RGB based technologies an wondered how you can do the same thing for your display but just don't know where to start? Building elements (Meg
IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings
IP Ratings are used to make it clear as to how resistant a product is against objects and/or water. The rating is made up of two parts - the first digit indicates the protection against objects and t
MegaTree Pole, Guy Wire and Stake Construction Suggestions
When constructing a MegaTree for a display, nearly all trees will require a mounting pole for the center of the tree, guy wires to hold that pole in place and stakes to hold the guy wires in place. Th
Pixel MegaTree "CCR" Strip Style Tree Construction Recommendations (Under Development)
The pixel strip / ribbon style tree is a great way to add an amazing element into your display at a low cost. While your HolidayCoro Pixel MegaTree kit includes the lights, power and controller, the k
PolyCromatic Coro Custom Printing - Customer Provided Graphics Recommendations
Do you have a great photo or graphic that you'd like to print on your HolidayCoro product? HolidayCoro can absolutely do that for you. Here is the process we use for customer provided graphics: Find t
Procedure for repair of a mid-span failure in pixels
This article details how to repair pixels (nodes, modules, strip, bulbs) when that length of lights has a mid-span failure. This process does not apply to pixels with one or two failures of a single c
Residential Displays
Here are a sampling of amazing residential displays submitted by our customers: Jeff Bouquio's Display Chad Smith's Display
Restoring Shape to a Waterproof Cable Male Threads or Female Nut Deformed Mis-shapen
Sometimes customers may receive a waterproof cable with a nut or the threaded male end that is misshapen. This can occur because of the following reasons: * Pressure inside a a shipping box combined w
RGB Arch Assembly Suggestions
This article details how our RGB pixel strip arches can be setup. Locally Source Items 20 feet of 3/4" PVC pipe - We recommend grey PVC pipe with a "belled" end if purchasing two 10 foot lengths of pi
Sequencing Software Models for HolidayCoro Products
This page contains all the models for different sequencing applications on the market. xLights xLights Official HolidayCoro Created and Maintained Models: