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PolyCromatic Coro Custom Printing - Customer Provided Graphics Recommendations
Last Updated: 03/05/2020
Do you have a great photo or graphic that you'd like to print on your HolidayCoro product? HolidayCoro can absolutely do that for you. Here is the process we use for customer provided graphics:

  • Find the prop or item that works for your needs (wreaths, candy canes, spinners, tombstones, etc)
  • If the product allows customization of the graphic, you'll see a section called "Front Side PolyChromatic Design"
  • From the options under the above options, select "Customer Provided Graphic or Image" from the options
  • Checkout and complete your order as normal
  • You will receive an automated ticket (via email) that will contain instructions on the format of the graphics we need to complete your project
  • Reply to the email / ticket with your graphics file
  • We will render your graphic and return a sample to you for confirmation
    • In the case that a response is not received within 24 hours, we will assume this to mean that the graphic is approved and proceed with production of your product
    • If you do not like the layout, reply with any corrections
  • We will print your product
  • Your product will then ship along with any other items from your order
Here are the recommendations for graphics:
  • Bitmap formats
    • Provide us the highest possible resolution / size graphic you have
    • Allowed formats:
      • PNG
      • JPG / JPEG
      • BMP
      • TIFF
      • WEBP
    • Non-supported format:
      • HEIC
      • EXIF
      • GIF
  • Vector formats
    • Allowed formats:
      • AI
      • SVG
      • EPS
      • CDR
      • PDF (vector based)
      • WMF

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