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Warranty Periods and Policies for HolidayCoro Products
Last Updated: 01/15/2022
HolidayCoro Product Warranty Terms
HolidayCoro wants to ensure that all our customers have a positive experience with their products. The warranty listed below is our minimum standard product warranty - we strive to exceed these minimum levels where ever possible.

Warranty Details

  • Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product. If you have purchased a HolidayCoro product from a reseller, please contact that reseller for warranty assistance.
  • Warranty is valid only for seasonal commercial and personal / home display use. Products used for mobile (e.g. car, truck, boat), permanent installation (e.g. pools, decks, cabinet lighting, bars, cove lighting) are not covered under warranty.
  • Warranty Periods by Product
    • Pixels, power supplies, cables, connectors - 1 year warranty from date of customer receipt of product excluding these items:
      • PRE-SALE Items: See the PRE-SALE listing for warranty time frames as this varies by year
      • HOBBY Grade Items: 30 Days from date of receipt. Customer covers all shipping costs for repair or replacement.
    • Controllers (pixel and dumb) -
      • 30 Days - Factory defects only, customer responsible for return shipping costs (product will ship with X marking warranty status)
      • 1 year or 3 Years - Factory defects and all other issues excluding water damage or customer modification of product (product will ship with a hologram that must be present on product for repair. All shipping costs (ground only) covered under warranty.
    • Outdoor elements (coro, plastic items, pixnode net, pixnode strip, etc) - 1 year warranty from date of customer receipt of product. While our products are designed for seasonal outdoor use, excludes UV damage due to year round use unless product description specifically indicates a guaranteed outdoor lifespan.
  • Warranty is not valid on free, gift or promotional products.
  • Warranty is not valid on products used in an manner outside their prescribed ranges (voltages, amperage, temperatures, wind loads, etc) or due to improper hookup (reversed polarity, shorts, incorrect voltage, etc). See individual product descriptions for technical details and limits. If unsure on product operation or installation, please contact us first.
  • Warranty does not cover functional functional LEDs that may have "slight" color differences either from string to string or within a string of lights as this is normal.
  • HolidayCoro reserves the right to replace, repair or refund the purchase price of items covered under warranty. Replacement items in selected cases may be refurbished.
  • Customers may be required to perform testing to determine the root cause of a failure prior to issuing an RMA and/or return of product.
  • "PRE-SALE" specific items are not covered under this standard warranty - Click here for more details.
  • In selected cases we may ask you to send photos of a defective product, return a product or to disable/destroy a product prior to providing a replacement or a refund.
  • HolidayCoro is not responsible for any incidental costs associated resulting from items covered under warranty. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Reimbursement for loss of performance (e.g. display being down while awaiting a replacement item).
    • Costs associated with removal and/or replacement of warranty items from elements or mounting locations.
    • Overnight / Rush shipping on replacement items (we do apply a credit for our actual shipping costs for customers that need rush shipping).
    • Damage to persons or property resulting from improper hookup, use or mounting.

Obtaining Warranty Service
In the majority of warranty cases, electronic based products reported as defective, turn out to be incorrectly configured or setup. As such, we always work with customers to determine the root cause, helping you get to the correct solution - be that a replacement product or getting the product to work properly. In the case of a suspected defective product, please submit a support ticket via our website. Typically, within 48 hours, we can get you an answer or find the solution to your issue or if needed, provide a warranty replacement.

No Warranty / No Support Products

For selected products that are off-spec or as-is, we offer them as "No Warranty / AS-IS". "No Warranty" products do not include any type of warranty, even for products that are received DOA. We offer this warranty option on selected products for those customers that are willing to accept the risk for the extreme cost savings. No Warranty products may be permanently marked to indicate their warranty status.

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