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5 Volt or 12 Volt - Which Should I Use For My Project?
A very common question we get at HolidayCoro is - which voltage should I use for my project. While there are often not many absolutes, this article works to cover many of the factors you should be con
ActiDongle USB Serial Port Drivers (Item #53)
To install your ActiDongle, you will need to install the driver. You can find drivers for all operating systems on this website:   Notes:
AlphaPix Evolution vs. HinksPix Pro
Differences between the AlphaPix Evolution and HinksPix Pro CPUs used in the Flex Expansion System The chart below shows the individual technical differences between the two CPUs offered for
AlphaPix Stuck at Password Login Screen
If your AlphaPix controller is currently stuck at the password login screen and the default password is not working, the issue is likely the following: * The wrong firmware has been installed - if the
AlphaPix Technical Support Page
All support and technical assistance for the AlphaPix controllers can be found on this page. If you are looking for controller specific information, including purchasing the AlphaPix, see this page: h
American Flag Assembly Instructions (Items #5, #137)
American Flag Assembly Instructions The following are the instructions for assembling the HolidayCoro American flags. Prepping When you receive your Radio Sign it may have
An Important Word About Fall 2020
Here is our short story on the current and future state of shipments for this season: Package volumes for most carriers are already 40-70% above normal for this part of the year Expect doubli
Animated Character and Sign Assembly Instruction
This article provides information on how you can mount and populate our mini light signs and animated characters. Click here to download the instructions ---> Article Download
APO / FPO / DPO Shipping Information
Q: Does HolidayCoro ship to APO / FPO / DPO addresses? A: Yes - we do ship to APO, FPO and DPO addresses but box sizes are within the limits of the USPS system. Those limits are: - No more than 70 po
Are sequences included with my purchase?
In the past we have included sequences for items that featured them but based on customer feedback, we have now provide individual sequences so you pay for only what sequences you want for your displa
Are your controllers LOR Compatible?
Are HolidayCoro RGB Pixel Controllers Light-o-Rama compatible? See the information below on how to determine compatibility between Light-o-Rama software and hardware and industry standard Ho
Black or White Coro - Which is Best?
For nearly all items that use Coro, we use two colors of 4mm coro - white and black.  Some of our products use black, some use white and others use a combination of both colors.  The follow
Can I copy or merge a HolidayCoro Sequence with my existing sequences?
When adding a new element, such as a Pixel MegaTree to an existing lighting display that already has an established group of songs, customers often wish to "merge" a purchased sequence for that new el
Can I download my sequences/software directly from your website?
Yes - our new website has a download system that, once your order has been completed (shipped), you will receive a download link to directly download your sequences or software. If you loose your
Configuring the Alphapix Controller with Madrix
The AlphaPix line of controllers work with Madrix. For general AlphaPix setup information including configuration of your PC, wiring and other details, see our AlphaPix setup page . For Madrix supplie
Configuring Your HolidayCoro AlphaPix Controller For Use With Pre-Sequenced Songs
Here are instructions for common configurations for Pixel Megatrees: 12 Output / 12 Strip / 12 "CCR" Mega Trees 16 Output / 16 Strip / 16 "CCR" Mega Trees
Controller Firmware Page
HolidayCoro Firmware Page Step-by-Step Firmware Upgrade Instructions NOTES: We highly recommend updates of firmware from a Windows PC ( Mac platform not supporte
Controller or Show Freezes
If your show freezes output and does not play the sequence / show: PC / Sequencing Software Checks Make sure that your PC isn't going into sleep mode. Settings for sleep or power down can be found in
CoroFlake Assembly Instructions
Assembly instructions for the CoroFlake.   Download Written Instructions   Watch Video Instructions
CoroStar Assembly Instructions
This article provides information how how to assemble the CoroStar.   Download Instructions