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CoroTree Assembly Instructions
Last Updated: 10/28/2012

CoroTree Installation Instructions

The CoroTree has a "living hinge" cut down the middle of the tree. This hinge can have the gap facing outward or inward. When the gap is facing inward it has a slightly better appearance during daylight hours. Before you install the lights, try bending the tree in both directions to determine which direction works best for you. Your lights will be installed going from the "inside" of the V to the outside of the V.


Installing the Lights

The CoroTree is design to use LED or incandescent Mini-Lights.  Your CoroTree has been designed to fit a specific number of lights - so if you have a 400 light CoroTree, this usually would be configured with either a single color of 400 bulbs, two colors of 200 bulbs each or four colors of 100 bulbs each. On certain cheaper brands of lights, strings could contain less or more than indicated - so you could have a 100 light string that contains 98, 99 or 101 lights.


Before you install the lights, we recommend that you plug the lights into an extension cord so they can be installed while they are powered on - this allows you to find any problem bulbs or bad wires while you install them, when they are easiest to fix. To install the lights, start at the bottom of the tree, starting with the male plug end, working up towards the top going up one side and back down the other side, looking back and forth. When you get to the end of one string, add the next string to the prior string by plugging the male plug of the installed lights into the female plug of the next string.


Multiple Color/Channel Bulb Installation

If you will be installing more than one color of lights into your CoroTree (excluding multi-color strands), you will need to space out the bulbs for the best result. Every CoroTree has a series of concentric outlines, (see the image on the product page for the CoroTree), with lines that radiate outward, starting from the bottom of the tree. We recommend starting, again, on the outer edges, following the pattern up and then back down the other side - simply skipping ever other hole if you are using the CoroTree with two colors. Continue this pattern over the entire tree and then using the second color, fill in the remaining openings. The order does not have to be exactly spaced - just generally getting the bulbs spaced is sufficient.

Installing the Support Rods

Once all the bulbs have been installed into the CoroTree, you can insert the supplied 24" rods. These rods should be placed in the center of the flutes in the coro. There are three holes at the base of the CoroTree that indicate the approximant location for these rods. Sometimes it may require moving the rod over from the exact location of the indicator hole depending on if it lines up with an open flute. Make sure that the flute chosen for the rod does not interfere with the location of a bulb.  The included rods are galvanized to prevent rusting.


Mounting the CoroTree

To install the CoroTree into your display, select a location where the ground is sufficiently soft enough to allow the rods to be inserted into the ground. Place the CoroTree on the ground and alternately push each rod into the ground for a short distance (1 to 3") while maintaining an approximately 30 degree bend in the CoroTree. Repeat this process until all the rod are in the ground and the CoroTree is flush with the ground.

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