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Can I copy or merge a HolidayCoro Sequence with my existing sequences?
Last Updated: 03/03/2017
When adding a new element, such as a Pixel MegaTree to an existing lighting display that already has an established group of songs, customers often wish to "merge" a purchased sequence for that new element into their existing sequence(s) already produced for the display. This article explains the pro's and con's of different methods to accomplish this goal.

  • Since sequences are based on two parts - timing marks and an effect to execute at that timing mark, if we wish to merge two sequences together the timing marks, based on the underlying song, need to match up exactly.
  • New sequence song equals the existing sequence song exactly
    • If new Sequence Song is EXACTLY the same audio as the Existing Sequence, there is no problem merging the two sequences. While this varies by sequencing application, generally it can be done by opening both the new and existing sequence and copying and pasting the effects (ramp up, ramp down, shimmer, etc) from the new to the old sequence. Generally some minor adjustments may need to be made to the underlying addresses (DMX channel / DMX universe) to complete the operation.
  • New sequence song is the same song but does not exactly match the existing sequence song, generally due to editing
    • If both sequences are based on the same version of the song/audio but one of the sequences uses an audio track that has been edited, the longer sequence will need to be edited "down" to perfectly match the shorter audio so when both sequences are merged (see above), that the timing perfectly matches up. Generally this can be done by taking the short audio (edited) and using it in place of the long audio song, then making the sequence match the single audio file.
  • Copy parts of one sequence into another sequence
    • It is possible to take segments of one sequence (a sample) and copy and paste it into another sequence. To do this, open both sequences (in most sequencing applications) and find the section of movement or animation you want to copy and then locate in the existing sequence the location where you wish to place it. Most sequencing applications have a "paste at timing mark" option that allows you to perfectly align it to a section within the song.
    • Issues to be aware of are that some sampled sequencing will be designed for a specific beat of music. Generally copying effects such as displaying a santa or the scrolling of "Merry Christmas" will work best. Effects that depend on the beat of the music may not work well.

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