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Cross-Ship Replacement Instructions
Last Updated: 07/31/2021
You've been directed to this page because HolidayCoro support staff has determined that the product you have, may be or has been determined to be defective and needs to be exchanged for a replacement product. In order to get our customers up and working as soon as possible and to make the process of returning the defective product as easy and quick as possible, we offer cross-ship replacement (if you do not wish to use this process and you are a USA customer, let us know and we can send a return label directly).

The process works as detailed below:

  1. HOLIDAYCORO: HolidayCoro determines that a product is likely defective based on troubleshooting or specific information from the customer.
  2. CUSTOMER: Place an order to replace the exact same item, unless instructed differently by HolidayCoro.
    1. If additional items, not directly associated with the return are also ordered together, please be aware that we do provide shipping credit for the returned items against the total shipping costs.
    2. Please note that HolidayCoro does not cover next day or 2nd day shipping for cross-shipped items.
  3. CUSTOMER: In the "Checkout Comments" section (this will be visible right before confirming your order), enter the following into the comments box: " Cross Ship Replacement " or any other specific text provided by HolidayCoro Staff.
  4. CUSTOMER: Complete the order with the payment of your choice.
  5. HOLIDAYCORO: When we process your order, we will include the following:
    1. Return RMA letter with instructions on how to send the return back to HolidayCoro for processing / credit.
    2. Pre-paid shipping label (UPS or USPS depending on the item).
    3. Box, envelope or other packaging (this may not always apply and will vary based on the product being returned). It is also possible that the shipping label may be already pre-applied to the packaging material.
    4. The replacement product(s).
  6. CUSTOMER: You receive the replacement item(s). We recommend carefully opening the box as the original shipping box may be required to return the same item or there may be packaging within the package.
  7. CUSTOMER: You confirm that the replacement product works as expected (if not, please contact us by replying to your CRM support ticket).
  8. CUSTOMER: If the item shipped to you in a box or other packaging, put the defective item(s) in the same packaging that was used to ship the product. There may be specific written instructions on how to package the return - if so, be sure to follow them.
  9. CUSTOMER: Verify that ALL accessories, if included (boxes, cables, plugs, adaptors, etc), are also returned with the replacement. Returns without all accessories or packaging could result in an additional replacement / re-stock charge.
  10. CUSTOMER: Properly package the return with either the included packing material (wrapping paper, bubble wrap, padded envelopes, etc.) or any necessary packing material to ensure the item arrives un-damaged. Improperly packaged items (e.g. bare PCB controllers without padding) that arrive damaged may not be refunded.
  11. CUSTOMER: For USPS packages, provide the return to your postal carrier (you can schedule a pick-up here). For UPS packages, they can be dropped off at UPS and other big-box stores (check here for locations).
  12. HOLIDAYCORO: Return received by HolidayCoro. Typically within 4 business days (Dec 15th to Oct 15th) or 8 days (Oct 15th to Dec 15th). Depending on the product we will test and then provide a reply via our CRM support ticket system on the outcome of the testing of the returned item.
  13. HOLIDAYCORO: Refund for defective product(s) and return shipping cost (see details below) will be issued to customer in original form of payment.
Additional Information:

  • Packages MUST be shipped back within 15 days of receipt of the replacement by the customer. Some pre-printed return postage is time limited. Returns shipped over 30 days from receipt of replacement by the customer will not be credited.
  • PRE-SALE orders (see policy) do not include complimentary shipping.
  • Customers are responsible for returned product until the item is presented to the return carrier.
  • We typically require all defective items to be returned so we can determine what has failed and further improve our products based on the product assessment.
  • Cross-Ship replacement is not available to customers outside the United States.
  • When items that have been determined not to be defective and/or are returned as a result of incorrect setup or that do not have defects may not qualify for refund of shipping costs. This is typically not the case as we work with customers to rule out customer setup issues where possible or based on customer supplied information.
  • The the rare case where item returned shows clear damage by customer action - we address on a case-by-case basis.

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