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International Shipping Costs
Last Updated: 07/20/2021
Q: Do you ship to the United Kingdom and the EU?
A: As of 15-Dec-2020 we have discontinued shipments to the UK. This is due to the UK requiring registration and payment of VAT taxes for all countries outside the UK. As of 28-Jun-2021 we have discontinued shipments to the EU due to tax and clearance requirements. See this article for information about how to order shipments to the UK and the EU.

Q: I live outside the US and I would like to know how much shipping is on my order.

A: To determine how much your shipping will be, select all the items you wish to purchase by placing them into the cart. Once on the cart page that lists the items in your order, scroll down to the bottom right of the cart and select your country (the list of countries we ship to will be listed), then select your province / state and finally any postal code, province or county. The shipping cost will be listed immediately in your order. Here is the screen that shows where to select the shipping location information:

Q: The shipping costs are higher than I expected / The costs are more than the items I'm purchasing / Can you ship the items using a cheaper method?
A: Shipping costs vary based on country specific requirements as imposed by our international carriers - DHL, UPS, FedEx and USPS. HolidayCoro has worked hard to ensure we are using the lowest cost and most reliable shipping carriers possible.

Q: I see that you offer international shipping with UPS and DHL, which is better?
A: While these are general assessments, we believe they are fairly accurate:
  • DHL - The fastest method to ship packages. To most countries, delivery is 1-4 days (Canada is typically 1-2 days). DHL also tends to have less issues with clearance and customs and results in an overall faster delivery time with less hassle.
  • UPS Worldwide Expedited - This is the lowest cost shipping method. To most counties, delivery is 3-10 days (Canada is typically 2-4 days). UPS can have more clearance costs and delays.

Q: Will you use USPS, FedEx or another carrier instead of DHL or UPS for shipping since I think it may be cheaper?
A: We have performed extensive testing and negotiation with all carriers available to us in the USA. In addition to the cost of the actual shipment, we also consider:
  • Length of time for delivery - Carriers such as USPS can take weeks for delivery
  • Clearance costs and hassles - We have used all carriers over the years and listened to feedback from our international customers as to how much additional clearance costs, paperwork hassles and other factors they have had to deal with and that result in the best customer experience
  • Reliability - We have history with all the carriers and their package loss rates and only work with carriers that have a proven history of reliable delivery
Q: Your website says that the cost for shipping is more than the cost of the product - how is that possible?
A: We base our shipping rates off the dimensions and weight of a product. Often light weight and inexpensive coro items have higher dimensional weights than actual weights. For how DHL (and all other shipping companies) calculate dimensional shipping, see here.

Q: Will you give me a discount on my shipping if I purchase a certain amount?
A: We highly recommend purchasing as much as possible in a single order instead of placing multiple orders or ordering from multiple vendors. There is a set base cost for many packages and adding 10, 20, 30 pounds does not add a proportional amount of cost to the shipment. International customers actually cost more to process an order for than our domestics customers due to the additional time it takes to process your order (special packing, double inspection, higher interchange credit card processing fees, etc).

Q: How much will the duties on my order cost / Will you reduce the value to xx.xx so I can pay less duties?
A: Our shipping system is designed to automatically complete the clearance paperwork for shipping internationally based on each countries requirements. HolidayCoro has no control over the level in which duties apply, how much those duties are for each given country. Customers are 100% responsible for payment of any duties imposed by your country. Packages returned or not claimed will not be refunded. We do not falsify any paperwork for reduction in tariffs.
NOTE: Any package returned due to non-payment of duties will not be refunded outbound and return shipping costs.

Q: Can you open a shipping location in my country to supply the items you sell from the USA?
A: all International sales excluding the USA and Canada (3.3%), only comprise 3.2% of our total revenue and this very small volume does not warrant country specific distribution points. We also have hundreds of items that require very unique packing that is not suitable for a third party logistics shipping companies in foreign countries.

Q: I live in Canada, near the US border and would like to have my package shipped to a border location and drive down and pick it up - can you do that?
A: Sure, there are many companies that can hold your package until you can drive down to pick it up in the USA. Here is one but there are many others:

Q: Do you ship via USPS (to Canada and other locations)?
A: At this time we do not ship via USPS as most items are too large for USPS.

Q: Do you ship to APO locations?
A: Depending on the size of the order we MAY be able to ship to an APO address. While APO does allow smaller packages, many of our products are too large to qualify for APO shipping requirements, namely the 130" combined width and girth requirements. Contact us directly to place an APO order.

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