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International Shipping Costs
Q: Do you ship to the United Kingdom and the EU? A: As of 15-Dec-2020 we have discontinued shipments to the UK. This is due to the UK requiring registration and payment of VAT taxes for all countries
APO / FPO / DPO Shipping Information
Q: Does HolidayCoro ship to APO / FPO / DPO addresses? A: Yes - we do ship to APO, FPO and DPO addresses but box sizes are within the limits of the USPS system. Those limits are: - No more than 70 po
How long does it take to receive my order?
Order to Ship Times for non-custom products (time after your order is placed before it is completed and shipped): 99% of orders under a total of $1,500.00 USD are packed and shipped the
Warranty Periods and Policies for HolidayCoro Products
HolidayCoro Product Warranty Terms HolidayCoro wants to ensure that all our customers have a positive experience with their products. The warranty listed below is our minimum standard pro
Cross-Ship Replacement Instructions
You've been directed to this page because HolidayCoro support staff has determined that the product you have, may be or has been determined to be defective and needs to be exchanged for a replacement
Why does HolidayCoro offer a variable warranty on controllers?
Starting Jan 1, 2017, HolidayCoro moved from a standard warranty on all controllers to an variable warranty based on customer choice. Those choices are: No Warranty - the controller is sold as-is and
When will my PRE-SALE order ship?
We know that our customers are ready to get their PRE-SALE orders as soon as possible and HolidayCoro absolutely wants to get our customers their items as soon as possible - we have absolutely zero re
Hobby or Regular Grade - What Is The Difference?
HolidayCoro sells products typically in two grades and this article explains the difference between these grades: Hobby Grade Typical of what you'd purchase from amazon or ebay or "direct from China"
EU Member Country Shipments
As of 30-Jun-2021 we no longer ship directly to EU countries We are sorry but due to changes by EU governments to place additional tax collection requirements on shippers outside these countries, we
Event Sponsership
Due to the community oriented nature of holiday decorating, we receive a fair number of requests throughout the year for sponsorship or donation of items for minis, Academy's and other informal "g
Restoring Shape to a Waterproof Cable Male Threads or Female Nut Deformed Mis-shapen
Sometimes customers may receive a waterproof cable with a nut or the threaded male end that is misshapen. This can occur because of the following reasons: * Pressure inside a a shipping box combined w