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EU Member Country Shipments
Last Updated: 01/23/2022
As of 30-Jun-2021 we no longer ship directly to EU countries

We are sorry but due to changes by EU governments to place additional tax collection requirements on shippers outside these countries, we have determined that it is no longer cost effective to ship to these countries directly. This does not mean that you can't order from HolidayCoro, it means now that customers in these countries need to place their orders to be shipped by third-party shippers than can properly handle the paperwork and taxes. The information below explains how you can ship using these third-party companies.

  • Obtain A Reshipper Account
    • A reshipper is a company in the USA that HolidayCoro ships your package to and they then consolidate your order along with others going to the same country and ship the order directly to you
    • A reshipper handles all international paperwork and customs declarations, HolidayCoro does not declare or indicate value of the shipment to the recipient country
    • Some reshippers will consolidate packages from several different companies in the USA and then ship them as one shipment, saving you money over direct shipping from HolidayCoro
    • Typically reshippers have lower international shipping costs than HolidayCoro because of their volume and consolidation processes
    • Examples of re-shipper companies are:
    • Once you have signed up with the shipping company, you will receive an address. A US address looks like the following:
      • Name: Usually your name with both your first and last (sir) name
      • Street address 1: Typically a street like 1234 WAREHOUSE ROAD
      • Street address 2: Often you will be provided a specific code for your account, such as B-1235
      • City: The city where the warehouse is located
      • State: Either the full name (Florida) or abbreviated name of the state such as FL
      • Postal / Zip Code: 5 numbers, sometimes with 4 additional numbers. Examples are 44432 or 44432-1234
      • County: United States of America or USA or US
      • Phone number: The shipping company may ask you to provide their phone number for delivery questions instead of your local country phone number
  • Place Your Order
    • Add all the items that you wish to order to your cart
    • On the cart page, select the credit card payment option: Proceed by clicking the credit card option
      • While you need to select the credit card option, you will not be asked for payment at this time
    • On the checkout page, enter your SHIPPING addresses provided by your reshipper.
      • Note that if you've never ordered from HolidayCoro before you may be prompted to enter a password to create an account
      • If your reshipper provided you a phone number to use, use that number here, otherwise enter your entire local country phone number including country code
    • Shipping Information:
      • Choose the shipping type from HolidayCoro to your reshipper. Note that this is NOT the amount of time it will take to reach you but to reach the reshipper.
      • HolidayCoro is located in the middle of the USA and thus it is about 3-5 days to both the east coast (NJ, NY, FL, etc) and the west coast (CA, OR, WA)
      • Generally customers should expect 6 to 15 days for arrival but each situation is unique
  • Payment Receipt
    • Once your payment has been received by HolidayCoro, your order will be put into production and/or shipped to your reshipper.
    • We will send a confirmation email with your US tracking number (UPS, FedEx or US Postal service) so you can track the delivery of your package to the reshipper
  • Reshipper
    • The reshipper will receive your package and typically alert you
    • They then consolidate your order and ship it to you
    • Here is where you would adjust your order value and declaration values
  • Done!
  • Common Questions
    • Q: What is the weight and dimension of the items I will be ordering?
      • A: We are sorry but we don't know this information until your order has shipped. The number of boxes, weight of those boxes and dimensions of those boxes are all determined at the time of shipping.
    • Q: How long will it take to receive my order?
      • A: The following factors affect the delivery time of your order:
        • The process starts when your order is placed with HolidayCoro
        • How long it takes for the wire payment to arrive at HolidayCoro - typically 1 to 4 days
        • How long it takes to produce and ship your order - typically the same business day the payment is received or the next day. In some rare cases it may take 1-3 days.
        • How long it takes for your package to arrive at your reshipper. Most reshippers are on the west or east coast of the USA and typically shipping is 3-4 days with UPS and FedEx or 3 to 12 days for postal (USPS - small orders)
        • How long it takes for your package to be processed by the shipper. Typically 1-5 days
        • How long it takes for your package to be shipped to your home country. Typically 1 to 4 days
        • How long it takes for customs in your country to clear the package. Typically same day
        • How long it takes from the port of entry to your house. Typically 1-3 days

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