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Why do HolidayCoro Pixels Turn Blue Sometimes?
Last Updated: 04/16/2020
If your HolidayCoro pixels are not working correctly but they are lighting up in the color blue, this article explains why this may happen:

  • When power is properly applied (positive and negative) but there is no data signal from a pixel controller to "activate" the pixels, the pixels will respond by turning on blue. This is a troubleshooting feature unique to HolidayCoro pixels.
  • Note: When testing pixels for possible hardware issues, DO NOT use your sequencing application, instead use the built-in test mode on your controller (varies by controller vendor).
    • For AlphaPix Classic and Evolution controllers, press and hold the M button to enter test mode
    • For the HinksPix PRO and EasyLights controllers, reboot the controller and press the right arrow (OK) button during boot up
  • All lights on the pixel string are blue:
    • Controller: Check the wiring and ensure that the data wire (typically yellow on HolidayCoro pixel pigtails) is connected to the controller board
    • If you have a string of pixels that is working on another output, swap the working string with the non-working (blue) string. If the non-working string starts working, than this indicates that there is a problem with the controller. If the non-working string continues not to work but the working string still is working, the controller is working and outputting data correctly and the sting of pixels is wired wrong or failed
    • Wiring: If you are not using pre-wired HolidayCoro pixels with waterproof plugs and have soldered or "made up" your own pixel strings, check that the pixels are wired in the correct direction. This varies by pixel but most pixels have an arrow that points AWAY from the controller towards the end of the string. If your arrow points towards the controller, the pixels are backwards.
    • Controller: Check that your have the proper number of pixels configured for the output the light string is hooked up to. Most controllers will not output data to pixels if they are not configured with a specific number of pixels.
  • Part of the lights at the start of the string are working, mid-way through the string the pixels turn blue
    • Controller: Make sure that the controller is configured for the correct number of pixels. For example, if you have 100 pixels connected but only 50 light up, make sure that your controller is not configured for 50 pixels but is configured for 100 pixels
    • Failed pixel string: You may have one pixel that has failed in the middle of the string of pixels. While not common, it is not uncommon and can occur for a variet of reasons. Either the entire string can be replaced or the string can be repaired. See our mid-span pixel repair page on how to perform a repair.
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