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HinksPix Setup and Instructional Page
Last Updated: 09/26/2019
This page is a place holder for the HinksPix Setup information.

Major Function Specific Task Video Notes
Intro &

Hands on with the Flex Expansion system. Helpful if you are working with bare board and DIY assembly
DIY Build Instructions for Flex Expansion system Shows AlphaPix Evolution but also applies to HinksPix Pro
What are the differences between the AlphaPix Evolution / Flex and the AlphaPix Classic controllers
What is an SPI output and how do they work?
How is Long Range Differential and How does it work?
How to navigate and configure the controller using the display and buttons

Configuring Universes and Port Configuration on HinksPix
A word about using wireless for sending Ethernet based data to controllers (e.131, artnet, DDP)
Web Page
How to Configure Color Output Order (RGB, BRG, BGR, etc)

Screen / Button
Setting Time Configuration on HinksPix
Setting the Operational Mode (Stand Alone Mode, Master Mode (playing from SD card)
How to configure a static IP address on HinksPix
How to use the built-in test mode on the HinksPix for testing pixels
Building DIY
Controllers &
Networking Overview - Hardware Interfaces (Ethernet / RS-485 / LOR) - Part 1 of 3
Networking Overview - Multiple Protocols / Networks (Mixed LOR and DMX) - Part 2 of 3
Networking Overview - Lighting Protocols e1.31 / sACN / Artnet / DDP - Part 3 of 3
Networking Overview - TCP/IP Protocol (used with e1.31 and Artnet)

Configuring (wiring, computer configuration) and Troubleshooting Ethernet and TCP/IP
Configuring for DHCP / Static TCP/IP Addresses via Web Interface
Configuring for DHCP / Static TCP/IP Addresses via Screen / Buttons on Controller
Software &
Overview of sequencing application methods
Application: xLights - General Output Configuration Setup
Application: Light-o-Rama S5 - General Output Configuration Setup
Application: xLights - 50 pixel by 16 string MegaTree Setup
Application: Light-o-Rama S5 - 50 pixel by 16 string MegaTree Setup (not controller specific)
Application: xLights - Using test mode to confirm proper setup of outputs and models
Using the built-in Test mode for testing lights and troubleshooting
String of Lights Not Working
Loading Factory Defaults
Output not as expected (wrong lights light up, not all lights work, etc)
Changing Fuses on Flex Expansion Boards (SPI)

Updating Firmware

Using HSA

Download Link for HSA - Hinkle Stand Alone application
Introduction to HSA – Hinkle’s Stand Alone Process
Selecting which Controller to be used in Stand Alone mode
Identifying which Controller is the Master and which plays the Audio
Identifying Sequences to use in Stand Alone Mode
Creating Playlists and Schedules
Building the Required Lighting and Audio Files for Stand Alone operation
Using HSA to Configure the Controller
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