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Stand Alone / Play on Controller Options for Holiday Displays
This article covers common questions about "S tand Alone" playback of sequences. Let's start off with some basic information: The typical process for a holiday lighting display is as follows:
Software Applications Supported by HolidayCoro Lighting Controllers
HolidayCoro sells a wide variety of hardware that allow you to build most any project but what we don't sell is software - and for a good reason. We believe there are many good applications on the mar
HinksPix Setup and Instructional Page
Congratulations on the purchase of your HinksPix PRO controller. This page contains all the videos for how to do just about everything with this controller. Major Function
RGB MegaBall & RGB Post Toppers Assembly Instructions (6" & 8" Versions)
This page contains instructions for building the RGB MegaBall - both the 6" and 8" versions and the 8" RGB Candy Cane Post Toppers.   Download Written Instructions  (please note that
NorthStar Assembly Instructions
Currently our documentation for product assembly for the Coro NorthStar is in video format:
SMART Long Range Support Page
Welcome to the Long Range SMART Receiver Setup and Training Page Subject Video Overview of how Long Range REGULAR and SMART technologies work and the limitations a
Pixels have random or erratic behavior when connected to HinksPix PRO CPU
ISSUE: Some or all pixels connected to a HinksPix PRO controller randomly flash, operate when not commanded or have other undesired behavior. SOLUTION: The default speed on output of data is 800 KHz
Residential Displays
Here are a sampling of amazing residential displays submitted by our customers: John Creeds Display Arnel's Megatree 4,800 Pixel Pixels on the tree, 24ft
Commercial Displays - Malls, Municipal Projects, Zoos, Drive Through Parks, Theme Parks and More
Since 2008, HolidayCoro has work with consultants, lighting designers, production companies on projects with Mega Churches, Zoos, Theme Parks, Drive Through Parks, Malls, Municipal Displays and more.