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Unable to Operate Message on AlphaPix / Network Troubleshooting on AlphaPix
Last Updated: 12/14/2017
ISSUE: AlphaPix displays "UNABLE TO OPERATE" on LCD interface
CAUSE: This message indicates that the AlphaPix will not decode E1.31 or Artnet data because there is no network connection between the controller and the network.
TROUBLESHOOTING: Assuming that the controller is plugged into either a network or directly to a PC, follow the instructions below to narrow down the cause of the issue:
  • Is there a CAT5 cable directly from the CAT5 jack (silver jack with an orange and green LED at the corner of the jack) to the PC (not going through a network switch / router?
    • While it is possible in many cases to run a CAT5 cable directly from the AlphaPix CAT5 jack to the computer's CAT5 jack, not all PC's support this function. You may need to add a network switch such as the following diagram shows:
    • AlphaPix CAT5 Jack > CAT5 Cable > Network Switch (#720) > CAT5 Cable > PC (sequencing computer) CAT5 Jack
    • If the above solution does not work, this may indicate the following:
      • The network port on the AlphaPix is not functional
      • The network port on the PC is not functional
      • The CAT5 cable(s) are not working
  • Is the green light on the AlphaPix CAT5 jack lit up when the controller is powered on and connected to the network with a CAT5 jack?
    • If the green light is not lit, this indicates either a problem with the network (not connected) or the controller's CAT5 jack or the device that the AlphaPix is connected to

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