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How to make two Pixel Megatrees play the same sequence
Last Updated: 11/02/2017
Customers with 360 degree pixel megatrees may wish to use pre-made sequences for 180 degree trees and have the same content displayed on both sides of the tree. This article explains how to mirror output to two controllers at the same time.

  • Both controllers must have IP addresses in the same subnet
  • Set a unique IP address to each controller (e.g. –, - these addresses must be in the same subnet (the subnet for is
  • Set the universes for each SPI output to the exact same, so if using universes 1-16 on controller #1, set the universes 1-16 on controller #2
  • Setup your sequencing application output to send E1.31 data to universes 1 to 16 and at the unicast IP address of (.255 is the broadcast address for this subnet)
  • Play your sequence to the broadcast IP address ( The PC sends the data to the broadcast address and the controllers understand that this data is intended for all devices on that subnet. As long as the universe matches between the sequence data and the controller's universe configuration, the controller will receive the data and act upon it

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