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Are sequences included with my purchase?
In the past we have included sequences for items that featured them but based on customer feedback, we have now provide individual sequences so you pay for only what sequences you want for your displa
Can I copy or merge a HolidayCoro Sequence with my existing sequences?
When adding a new element, such as a Pixel MegaTree to an existing lighting display that already has an established group of songs, customers often wish to "merge" a purchased sequence for that new el
Can I download my sequences/software directly from your website?
Yes - our new website has a download system that, once your order has been completed (shipped), you will receive a download link to directly download your sequences or software. If you loose your
Configuring Your HolidayCoro AlphaPix Controller For Use With Pre-Sequenced Songs
Here are instructions for common configurations for Pixel Megatrees: 12 Output / 12 Strip / 12 "CCR" Mega Trees 16 Output / 16 Strip / 16 "CCR" Mega Trees
Do the sequences include the music audio?
While we include the song with our sequences, no licence is included for it's use with the sequence. The reason we include the song is becuase of the slight differences (usually a second or two, somet
I have a sequence I made - would you be interested in purchasing it?
Nearly all our sequences are produced by our talented customers! We are happy to purchase sequences from you and we want to make it worthwhile for you too. Starting in 2012, we now have a commissione