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Data Input Interfaces Used on Common Lighting Controllers
Last Updated: 09/07/2019
There are a number of different standards for controller interfaces. This document details the differences between these interfaces:

Interface Name Protocol Wiring Type Controllers using interface Data Source Notes

DMX 1990 CAT5
EasyPix Pixel Controller
30 Channel Dumb Controller
3 Channel Dumb Controller
AlphaPix RS485 Output
Enttec Interfaces
Other Third-Party Interaces

RJ11 (some)
Light-o-Rama CMB24
Light-o-Rama AC Controllers
Light-o-Rama Pixie Controllers
Light-o-Rama PixCon
LOR "Dongle" Most LOR controllers can
run on RS485 networks and
decode DMX but all controllers
on the same line must receive DMX

Article detailing the LOR protocol
E1.31 CAT5 AlphaPix 4 / 16 / Flex
EasyLights PIX16 / AC24
LOR PixCon
Direct from PC Ethernet interface
Artnet CAT5 AlphaPix 4 / 16 / Flex
EasyLights PIX16 / AC24
Direct from PC Ethernet Interface

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