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GFCI Plugs and Issues and Solutions
Last Updated: 12/12/2019
In the United States and Canada it is extremely common and code required in most locations to have what are called GFCI plugs. These plugs feature an additional layer of protection against possible electrocution when someone uses a power cord or device outside and near water. See this page for details about what GFCI is:

The problem is that there are a wire variety of vendors of GFCI devices, some which are high quality and some that are low quality. Here are common issues you can experience:
* Power supplies that reset or turn off when connected to a GFCI
* GFCI's that reset, even without the presence of water
* GFCI's that don't work will with certain power cables
* GFCI's that actually trip when in the presence of moisture in varying levels, not just standing water

If you have a lighting controller that "pops" a GFCI, first confirm that the controller is ok by taking it inside and plugging it into a NON-GFCI outlet (note that Kitchens and Bathrooms usually have GFCI outlets). If the power supply / controller starts working when connected to a NON-GFCI outlet, then there is a incompatibility between the GFCI and the power supply. If the controller "pops" the breaker in the panel, then there is likely a power supply issue. The options in the case of working controller are:
* Replace the power supply
* Replace the GFCI
* Run without GFCI (code and safety issues should be addressed)

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