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American Flag Assembly Instructions (Items #5, #137)
American Flag Assembly Instructions The following are the instructions for assembling the HolidayCoro American flags. Prepping When you receive your Radio Sign it may have
Animated Character and Sign Assembly Instruction
This article provides information on how you can mount and populate our mini light signs and animated characters. Click here to download the instructions ---> Article Download
CoroFlake Assembly Instructions
Assembly instructions for the CoroFlake.   Download Written Instructions   Watch Video Instructions
CoroStar Assembly Instructions
This article provides information how how to assemble the CoroStar.   Download Instructions
CoroTree Assembly Instructions
CoroTree Installation Instructions The CoroTree has a "living hinge" cut down the middle of the tree. This hinge can have the gap facing outward or inward. When the gap is facing inward it has a s
NorthStar Assembly Instructions
Currently our documentation for product assembly for the Coro NorthStar is in video format:
RGB MegaBall & RGB Post Toppers Assembly Instructions (6" & 8" Versions)
This page contains instructions for building the RGB MegaBall - both the 6" and 8" versions and the 8" RGB Candy Cane Post Toppers.   Download Written Instructions  (please note that