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Dumb RGB 30 Channel DMX Controller / Decoder / Screw Terminals / DIP Switch Addressing / CAT5 & XLR DMX Input Plugs / 60 Amps / 7 to 24v DC
30 Channel DMX Controller for RGB Lights - 12v DC
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List Price: $59.99
Our Price: $49.99

Availability / Ships: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
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DMX Data Generation Source To Be Used

I Already Have an Actidongle or Other RS384 Based, E1.11 / DMX 1990 Data Source
1 of ActiDongle - DMX Dongle (Enttec Pro Compatible) [Add $47.95]  Save $2 when purchased with the sample kit! (limit 1)
Using AlphaPix or EasyLights RS485 Interface  << Click this link for setup information using AlphaPix / EasyLights controllers
NOTE: This dumb controller will not connect directly to the Ethernet (CAT5) jack on a PC or network switch
When using with LOR S3/S4/S5, requires Actidongle (see above) and LOR Advanced edition Software
Controller Warranty Period

30 Channel Dumb Controller - No Warranty / No Return [No Additional Cost]
30 Channel Dumb Controller - 1 Year Hardware Warranty (DIY Bare Board) [Add $12.99]
30 Channel Dumb Controller - 3 Year Hardware Warranty (DIY Bare Board) [Add $24.99] 
Click here for detailed information about our warranty policy (opens in new tab)
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  - Warranty period cannot be adjusted after purchase
 - Controller hardware is identical for all warranty levels
Product Function / Use Confirmation

I am aware this product is NOT for use with Pixels / Smart Lights and will only work with dumb RGB

[Product Description Page]
Hands on with product (enclosure, wiring, mounting not included)
Test Mode Explained
Troubleshooting DMX Signal Issues
Product Features
  • General Product Information
    • Basic / Dumb control over elements that use RGB lights that do not need individual control. Element examples would include:
    • 30 DMX Channels / 10 RGB Channels
    • DMX addressing:
      • DIP Switch addressable directly on board (1 to 512 channels)
      • See chart in our Knowledge Base
      • When controller does not have a DMX data stream on the input (not hooked up to a DMX output device), the controller can be configured to output a test/demo sequence.
    • Four mounting holes in board (.12” or 1/8”) – on each corner and two in the center
    • Great for use in centralized controller elements
    • Angled screw connectors for output, each output clearly labelled with RGB output locations
    • Dual power input screw terminals handles up to 30 amps of power
    • Vertical CAT5 and XLR plugs allow inputs even in confined controller housings
    • LED Indicator for DMX signal input
    • Red, Green and Blue LED Indicators for each output - allowing to test controller without lights connected to outputs
    • Mounting inside water resistant enclosure using our optional mounting kit
    • 500Hz PWM Refresh rate prevents "flashing" when lights are recorded on video
    • Common Anode / Shared Positive / Switched Negative
  • Compatibility
  • Power / Signal / Wiring
    • DMX input (see our Knowledge Base for wiring details)
      • Protocol: DMX512/1990
      • Signalling System: RS-485
      • Connector: RJ45 Female
        • Wired to E1.11 standard
        • Pin 1 (White/Orange) - RS-485 Positive
        • Pin 2 (Solid Orange) - RS-485 Negative
      • Connector: XLR3 (3 PIN) Male
        • The standard for XLR3 pin connections to CAT5 cable is:
          XLR to CAT5 Wiring
    • Power input
      • Voltage Range: 7 to 24v DC
      • Screw terminal (right side of board): Positive 12v marked “DC+”
      • Screw terminal (right side of board): Negative 12v marked “DC-”
    • Test Modes
      • Turn ON switch 10 to activate built-in sequences (switch 10 will make the controller respond to incoming DMX signal instead)
      • Switches 1-9 OFF: Black/No Output
      • Switch 1 ON: Red
      • Switch 2 ON: Green
      • Switch 3 ON: Blue
      • Switch 4 ON: Yellow
      • Switch 5 ON: Purple
      • Switch 6 ON: White
      • Switch 7 ON: Switch from static Red > Green > Blue > White > Off / Black >
      • Switch 8 ON: Color mixing between different colors (color mixing or red, green blue)
      • Switch 9 ON: Adjust the speed of mode 8
      • Switch 10 ON: Turn on test mode
      • See the video on this page for samples of test mode
    • Signal (PWM) output:
      • Up to 2 amps per DMX channel (24 watts @ 12v) / 6 amps per RGB channel output (72 watts @ 12v) OR 60 amps per controller total (720 watts @ 12v). Note - Any load over 60 amps requires two 350w power supplies
      • Screw terminals (top of board) - four screw terminals (two power supplies)
      • Dimming Levels / Steps: 8 Bit / 256 (DMX Maximum)
    • Maximum RGB light examples
      • Note: These are estimates and do not account for long lengths of cable, differences in power requirements for other vendors RGB lights or other possible factors. You should confirm power consumption prior to hookup - see our Knowledge Base for more information.

Per RGB Channel
(3 DMX Channels)
Per Controller - Up To 10 RGB Channels
(30 DMX Channels)
100 Nodes

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB channel
60ma per node with white output
1,000 Nodes

60,000mA or 60amps per controller
60ma per node with white output
RGB Rectangle & Square
Dumb Modules
60 Modules

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB channel
100ma per module with white output
600 Modules

60,000mA or 60amps per controller
100ma per module with white output

RGB Dumb / Basic Strip

33 Feet / 10 Meters

6,000mA or 6amps per RGB channel
181ma per foot with white output
460 Feet

60,000mA or 60amps per controller
130ma per foot with white output

  • Included, optional and customer supplied items
    • Items included with this item/product/bundle:
      • One DMX Controller
      • DMX Switch setting instructions / chart
    • Required items for operation:
      • RGB lights (basic/dumb) – will not work with individually controlled pixel lights. See our FAQ page for information on how to determine how many RGB lights can be controlled from each controller.
      • Power supply (see our FAQ page for information about how large of a power supply you will need for your project / element.)
      • DMX signal source / dongle (see below)
      • DMX generating software (see below)
    • Optional items
      • Mounting (screws, bolts, two sided tape or other) - see our mounting kit
    • Customer supplied tools or items:
  • Assembly Instructions: None (See video)
  • Estimated assembly time: First unit: Varies / for DIY / Custom Projects
  • Technical Specifications
    • Color: None / Green Board with white silk screen
  • Dimensions & Weight
    • Complete product (overall)
      • Per: .41 pounds (6.56 oz) / 1.85 grams
      • Height: 3.19" / 81mm
      • Width: 8.85" / 225mm
      • Depth (thickness): 1.17" / 30mm
      • Temperature Range
        • Operation: 10 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit
        • Storage: -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Material Composition
    • Case: None / Bare Board - Design for mounting into the CG-1500 Enclosure. See our mounting kit
    • Wires: None – screw terminals for power connections
  • County of Origin
    • Materials/parts: China
    • Assembly: China
    • Design: China / USA
  • Certifications & Approvals
    • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified/Recognised/Approved: No
    • CE: No
    • ROHS (Lead Free): No / Unknown or not certified
  • Warranty & Support
    • Warranty period
      • 365 days from date of purchase
      • For complete information, see our warranty details.
  • Customization: Yes - minimum order of 200 units.
  • Product Revision history
    • 05-Jun-17: Initial Release
    • Revision 1.0 board (mfg)

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Works great. January 19, 2021
Reviewer: Shannon Rutledge from Braselton, GA United States  
I'm using for a large group of single color candy canes previously run by arduino. This allowed me to bring it all into xlights easily and with one board.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Exciting! January 10, 2021
Reviewer: Josh Templeton from San Antonio  
Ordered this with along with my first controller, 16ch 120v, and the setup was so simple.  Set my dip switches, connected a couple lights, connected the Cat5 cable to the RS485 interface on my controller, and connected power.  Could not have asked for an easier experience delving into the world of RGB LEDs.  Cant wait to plan out my show so I can order what I need to start building.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 YES!! October 6, 2020
Reviewer: Greg Hebert from Houston, TX United States  
This controller does a LOT more than just act like a dumb controller!! You can use it for an e131 off and on controller as well, as long as the device is 12v DC!! AWESOME for strobes and AWESOME of course coming from HC!!

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 Great controller July 29, 2020
Reviewer: JD from Grove, OK United States  
Easy to mount, hook up and setup.  Works great.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
5 of 5 30 channel DMX controller September 23, 2019
Reviewer: Jon  
Been running 27 channel 15 amp controllers for years.. couldn’t run more than 15 channels due to limited amps.. I’ve been waiting for a higher amperage controller.. now I can run the amount I need for my Christmas parades vehicles. Thanks Holiday Corp for the reviews and fast shipping..I’ll review this product at a later date..

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