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How do I belcome an affiliate of HolidayCoro and why would I want to be an affiliate?
We have lots of passionate customers that refer customers to our website and products and we'd like to reward you for that loyalty through our affiliate commission program.  Here is how it works
How do I insert my affiliate link or get a banner ad to ensure I get credit for my referals?
We make it easy to get credit for referring a customer to any of our links, not just product links. You just need to format the link you post with your affiliate information so that even if a custome
How long after someone clicks my link will I get commission?
Once a potential customer clicks a link with your affiliate ID in it, if they return anytime within 30 days and make a purchase, you will receive commission on that purchase. The commision isn't base
Rules and Code of Conduct for the HolidayCoro affiliate program
We usually solicit our most passionate HolidayCoro customers to be affiliates.  We want to make sure that a commission doesn't get in the way of a potential customers needs - we want every
When can I get paid for my affiliate sales?
We issue payment for affiliate commissions at the end of each quarter (March, June, Sept, Dec) if your current payments are $10 or more. Payment will be via paypal or check, depending on your per
Where do I see my current commissions and sales?
To view your current affiliate commissions you'll need to log in on our website using your account that was granted affiliate rights. Once logged in, you can go to "My Account / Order Status" and at t