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What types of lights work with your coro products?
Last Updated: 08/17/2014
Our coro based products are designed to work with specific types of lights:
Singing Signs | Radio/Other Signs | CoroTrees
  • All holes for mini light bulbs are .1875 or 3/16" in diameter and any selected bulb should be slightly larger than that size.
  • Any type of incandescent Mini-Light:
  • LED Mini-Lights - Often refered to as M5 or M6 style LED lights:

    You can find M5 High Quality Full Wave LED Strings and All LED Strings light strings on Amazon.
  • We do NOT recommend 5mm or "rice micro" LED lights as they may not hold as well in the coro:

C7/C9 CoroStars | C9 Quad String Bulb Holders
  • Any type of removable C9 (or C7 for the CoroStar) bulb - either incandescent or LED

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