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Death of the Grid (Object Oriented Sequencing or OOS)
Animated Christmas lighting is getting more and more complex each day and programming it all is becoming quite a task. This is an article we wrote describing what we feel is the future of sequencing
Testing DMX output using your HolidayCoro DMX Programmer/Dongle (video)
The following video shows how you can use xLights (a free application) to test your HolidayCoro DMX controllers with the HolidayCoro Programmer/Dongle.  Using this test you will be able to deter
IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings
IP Ratings are used to make it clear as to how resistant a product is against objects and/or water. The rating is made up of two parts - the first digit indicates the protection against objects and t
Why we don't list lumen ratings
How many lumens do your lights have? This article provides information on why we don't list this data: A lumen is basically a measure of the white light output as seen by the human eye. A lumen varies