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Custom Projects by HolidayCoro
Last Updated: 03/08/2019
Each year, HolidayCoro works with many customers that need "just" the right custom product that isn't on the market to meet the needs of their display. This article answers many of the common questions we get about custom products and their cost.
Please be aware that we ONLY product custom products in the "off season" between January and July of each year. If you are considering a custom product, we highly recommend that you start as early in the season as possible!
HolidayCoro reserves the right to reject any custom product or job for any reason (timing, customer preparedness, copyright infringement, etc.)
There are two basic categories of "custom" products:
  • Modifications to stock designs - For customers that see a product we produce or sell and would like to tweak the design a bit - maybe it is a change in the bulb count, dimensions, moving holes around or other changes. For these projects, we charge a nominal fee (see here for more details) for the modifications. This fee applies once to each product modified - so if you purchase 50 of a modified item, you only pay the modification fee once (plus the cost of the item itself.) There are some exceptions to be aware of:
    • The the item is resized in such a way that it requires additional materials, there maybe an additional fee. For example, if nine CoroTrees fit perfectly on to a 4'x8' sheet of material and the modification only allows for 6 to now fit, there will be an additional charge for the materials over the stock item.
    • Modifications can be within reason. For example, if an item currently has 400 holes and the redesign has 800 holes, there will likely be a further adjustment in the fee.
    • This fee applies each time a run is made of the modified item. While we do maintain the design in our system, each time we run a custom design it requires additional attention than a run of our stock items.
  • Completely custom designs - For some customers, only an exact solution will do. We offer the ability to work with our customers to design exactly what you want and from the materials best suited to your exact project. This process is often a long and detailed process for us to understand your design intent and to make sure that the product that you receive is exactly what you expected. As such, this requires a number of communication sessions to obtain the project details, work out issues, build prototypes (as needed), test and re-design (as needed.) Because each project is unique, it can be often hard to know up-front what the project costs will be. We do have a minimum charge for complete custom projects (see here for more details) and then adjust the design costs and materials cost as we understand your projects needs better. While these costs may seem initially high, they are well below industry costs for CNC design and development work. The following are helpful hints on how to make your job go easier and faster (and reduce costs):
    • Think through as many details as possible. Build the project "in your head" and think about issues including:
      • Mounting methods (ground, wall, roof - stakes, rods, straps)
      • Wind loads (will the mounting method support it?)
      • Light attachment (how will the lights be attached - though the material, glued on?)
      • Light diffusion
      • RGB or regular lights
      • Shipping costs (items over 72" are VERY expensive to ship)
      • Overall design (are there existing videos or photos of similar items or projects?)
      • How many lights will be required? Is there a specific spacing?
      • What materials have you considered for the project (plastics, wood, metal)?

When you are ready, feel free to contact us with your project details.

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