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Black or White Coro - Which is Best?
Last Updated: 05/22/2012
For nearly all items that use Coro, we use two colors of 4mm coro - white and black.  Some of our products use black, some use white and others use a combination of both colors.  The following information provides details on why we select one color over another for our products:
  • White Coro
    • White coros main advantage is it's translucent nature - it lets through light while at the same time diffusing the light.
    • We use white coro in products where we need the diffusion of light, such as our CoroTree™ so that light will spread out between each bulb or to diffuse the light output of LED modules in our CoroFlakes™ or Coro NorthStar™ products.
    • In products that use mini light bulbs, the output of the bulb (filament or LED) usually is located in the center of the area between the two layers of the coro.  This placement allows the light to spread out in the center area between the front and back of the coro creating a "halo" around the bulb.  It is this halo effect that creates a wonderfully smooth diffusion of color, in effect causing the coro to "glow". 
  • Black Coro
    • Black coros main advantage is that it does not allow the spread or diffusion of light.
    • We use black coro in products where we want to very specifically control the output of light through the coro or to prevent any light from spreading through the coro.  Examples are on our radio sign where we want very clean points of light, much like the way the child's toy, Lite-Bright, does.
    • In designs where you have talking/singing/message changing signs or characters, you often have very closely located lights and you don't want bleed over from one area to another - you want very crisp and clean lines between each given section or channel and black coro is perfect for that.
    • We also use black coro as the base for items such as our CoroNorthStar™, CoroFlakes™ where we don't want any reflection of light or for light to pass through the coro.
    • Another advantage of black coro in animated characters where there maybe additional lights left over for a given segment (85 lights needed of a 100 count string) is that you often can leave the lights, exposed, on the back of the design without blackout caps as light from the back of the sign will not pass through to the front of the design.

You can rest assured that we have extensive experience working with coro and when we have selected a given color of coro, there is nearly always a specific set of reasons why we've done so.

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