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Event Sponsership
Last Updated: 12/26/2017
Due to the community oriented nature of holiday decorating, we receive a fair number of requests throughout the year for sponsorship or donation of items for minis, Academy's and other informal "get togethers". Like most other companies - we have specific budgets for marketing and promotional actives and we want to target those funds to the events that will result in the greatest exposure and return for our investment.
Our general guidelines for sponsoring an event are:
  • Confirmed/paid attendance of over 100 people, including any organizational staff members
  • Events offering organized workshop/classes. Is there a class that shows how to build a product? How to utilize a product? If so, let us know the details or ideally, send us the outline or class slides.
  • A copy of any legal contracts required by your event
  • A link to your events website (or the details of your event - date, time, costs, location, schedule of workshops/classes)
  • The name, phone number and email address for a single contact person handling sponsorship requests
  • Costs associated with sponsorship including levels of sponsorship
  • Any deadline dates for payments or shipping address for product giveaways

If you feel that could benefit from sponsorship based on the above guidelines, please contact us.

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