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Last Updated: 05/22/2012
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We believe the best customer is a well informed and educated customer.  The key to that knowledge is the various forums where our hobby is discussed.  Each forum has a culture and personality and we try to communicate that in the list below.

Website Nick Name Main Holiday Vendor Alignment Notes
Planet Christmas "PC" Christmas Light-o-Rama PC is the "Grand Daddy" of Christmas sites and features a large "Expo" event and a regular magazine.  PC is a great general starting point for people just getting involved with animated Christmas lights.  A good place to ask questions about design and elements.  Great for people that are more focused on the end result for their display than the "under the hood" details.  While there is a fair amount of Light-O-Rama sponsorship, discussion of other controllers and non-LOR hardware is also welcome.
Do It Yourself Christmas DIYC Christmas Renard controllers DIYC is, hands down, the tinker's site.  Here you will find lots of people discussing constructing controllers from scratch, electrical designs and other technical aspects of animating lights.  The primary controllers featured at this site work with the Renard protocol and thus are called Renard controllers, though there are lots of other designs and controllers.  Discussion of any type of controller or project is welcome here, though if you have a commercial controller, you may get faster results dealing with that vendors forum directly.  Also aligned with the freeware Vixen sequencing application.  They have a WIKI which covers their Renard devices.
AusChristmasLighting ACL Christmas Tiger controllers ACL is run by Phil Gartner or "AussiePhil".  This forum is the primary forum for people located in Australia though about 40% of the people are from the United States.  Originally developed as a website to host the Tiger line of controllers, in the past, this website was focused on people involved with RGB Pixels.  Join in the chat which is nearly always busy and you can find many people that can answer your complex DIY and LOR questions.  They also feature an extensive WIKI.
Holiday University HU All n/a HU was started by some long term members of another forum.  It offers chat and a forum that has access to highly experienced holiday decorators.  HU also posts "how to" articles on how to build a variety of projects.
Lone Star Holidays LSH All n/a LSH is focused on all holidays for people primarily in Texas, though a variety of other people from around the country and world also join in.  They hold a large event in the summer each year.  LSH is a registered non-profit organization.
Christmas Carolina n/a Christmas n/a Christmas Carolina focuses on people in and around North and South Carolina.
Light-O-Rama LOR All LOR Controllers While this forum is primarily for owners of LOR equipment, there are many other off-hardware discussions of display elements and designs.

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