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2021 Controller Assembly Status
Last Updated: 11/29/2021
Due to overwhelming demand for controllers this year, we are currently running a backlog of controller assembly. This page provides a current status on where HolidayCoro is in the process of shipping controllers.

  • We ship orders based on first in, first out. We do this based on order date.
  • We do not have an option to "jump the line" and skip ahead of other customers
  • We are unable to expedite shipments outside their original shipping method
  • We do not know the exact date an order will ship as this depends on the overall number of controllers assembled each day. Look at our chart below to see the history of shipments and processing speed.
  • Our staff is working 7 days a week to ship orders as fast as possible
  • We partial ship orders in cases where the order would have shipped in multiple boxes already. This decision is made by staff in the warehouse on a per-order basis and we are unable to force partial shipping.

Current Date Processing orders from Date
29-Nov The container has arrived and we are quickly processing orders as fast as humanly possible!

23-Nov Shipments are expected to start shipping starting on Nov 29th.
16-Nov Due to an error in our logistics information, the ship upon which we though our container was on was actually a different ship.

We hope to ship all pending back orders from the 22nd through the 26th.

We are doing everything humanly possible to ensure our customers get their products soon as possible.
12-Nov Controllers specifically marked and indicated as back ordered are estimated to ship Nov 15 through the 19th.

Controllers not indicated as backordered are shipping within 24 hours (orders under $1,500).

The ship is in the process of unloading and we hope to have delivery of product around the 16 through the 18th.
29-Oct All outstanding back orders and orders placed through 01-Nov at 12pm CST will be shipped on or before 01-Nov.
25-Oct 15-Oct through 16-Oct
24-Oct 15-Oct
(weekend, ships 25-Oct)
23-Oct 13-Oct through 14-Oct
(weekend, ships 25-Oct)
22-Oct 10-Oct through 12-Oct
21-Oct 10-Oct

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