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Controller or Show Freezes
Last Updated: 12/20/2018
If your show freezes output and does not play the sequence / show:

  • PC / Sequencing Software Checks
    • Make sure that your PC isn't going into sleep mode. Settings for sleep or power down can be found in windows under Control Panel
      • Some sleep settings involve putting the ports such as ethernet to "sleep" even if the PC appears to be "awake"
    • Make sure that the show scheduler is still playing a sequence when you are expecting the show to be playing
    • Temporarily disable any firewalls running on the PC. Firewalls can randomly apply blocking or "inspecting" of data traffic.
  • Network
    • Check the status LEDs on the ethernet CAT5 jack of the controller. This jack is usually silver and is where you plug your CAT5 cable into the controller. Typically there is a link LED which is green and a data activity light that is yellow / orange.
      • Green - This LED should remain on constantly when there is a proper network wiring conenction between the network switch / PC and the controller.
        • OFF = No network connection, check CAT5 cable connection. Do not use "home made" network cables. Make sure that network port on PC / Switch is enabled.
        • BLINKING = This means the connection is not stable and is going up and down. Typically this indicates a bad wiring condition.
        • SOLID = This means the connection is made between the upstream connected switch or PC and the controller
      • Yellow / Orange
        • OFF (no sequence playing) = No network sequencing data being received. If you do not have a sequencing playing or you are not accessing the controller via the web page, this is normal.
        • OFF (sequence playing) = No network sequencing data being received. Check the following:
          • PING the controller, if you cannot PING the controller, there is likely a mis-configuration in the networking settings
          • Check settings (universe, IP) and verify that those match the settings configured in your sequencing application. Use the test function of your sequencing application if available.
        • SLOW BLINKING = Small amounts of data, typically when accessing the web interface without a sequence playing
        • FAST BLINKING = Large amounts of E1.31 or Artnet data being sent to controller
          • SEQUENCE NOT PLAYING = Likely mis-configuration of sequence configuration as data is being sent "to" controller but controller is ignoring data as it is not the correct universe / channel
  • Controller
    • When "freezing" is happening, does the controller respond to button presses on the display and / or does the status data on the controller's LCD display continue to change?
  • Other
    • If you have multiple controllers in your display, swap the IP addresses of controllers to see if the freezing problem "follows" the controroller or is specific to one IP address which would indicate a sequencing issue
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