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For those customers that would rather not wade through the extensive collection of information on the internet (ours and else-ware) and would rather have directed, personal and objective advice - we can provide that for you in inexpensive blocks of time or on specific per-project basis. The areas we can assist you with include:

  • General Project Design - We can assist you with understanding and selecting channel layout, wiring requirements, power management, diffusion solutions and more. We can work with you through the most minor but important aspects through higher level factors such as budgeting and certification requirements.
  • Sequencing Software Selection - Based on your overall channel count and project goals, we can provide focused information on which software best meets your needs from a hardware compatibility, feature set and budget perspective.
  • Pixel and Controller Hardware Selection - We have extensive and hands on knowledge of DIY and commercial pixel based solutions. We can help you select the solution that best meets all your hardware interface, pixel chip type, support and cost requirements.
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