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For elements and projects that require UNDER 170 pixels. Typically used for distributed, smaller projects involving pixels. Arches, MiniTrees, Wreaths and other projects are a good fit for these controllers.

  • DMX E1.11 / RS485
    • Data is transmitted over the low bandwidth (.25 megabits per second) RS485 signalling system designed in the 1970's
    • Used for pixel based elements that are low pixel count - under 170 pixels
    • Works well with physically far away from the RS485 DMX source - distances up to 2,000+ feet are possible
    • All elements on a single DMX output must be daisy chained (no star based topologies)
    • Requires a "dongle" such as the ActiDongle or other source of RS485 based DMX
    • Works with all sequencing applications on the market
    • Usually each controller is low cost ($10 to $80)
These controllers are great where you need a controller that controls a each RGB light or group of lights in a string of lights.
Need more information on dumb / basic vs. smart / pixel controllers?

We often get the question - which is the right controller for my needs and we almost always respond - what are your needs? The typical order for selection of a controller is as follows:

RGB Light Type/Format (node, module, strip) > Quantity of Lights (and their physical proximity to each other) > Controller (dumb/smart, RS-485/E1.31, high channel counts/low channel counts, controller features, etc)

As such, we always recommend deciding how many and of what type of light is the best fit for your project THEN which controller is a best fit for your project typically will be clear.