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PixNode Extreme Strip (tm) - Continuous Length Pixel Node Mounting Strip (Sold by the Foot)
PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode Extreme Strip (tm) - Continuous Length Pixel Node Mounting Strip (Sold by the Foot)

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Price Varies Based On Length, Spacing, Color and Quantity
Discounts on Lengths Over 500 Feet

(Minimum order):  5

Availability / Ships: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 763

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Extreme Strip Color

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GREEN [Add $0.05]
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Pricing Discounts:

  • 500 to 999 Feet - $.25 (Save $.04 per foot or 15%)

  • 1000 or More Feet - $.23 (Save $.06 per foot or 23%)

  • NOTE: Discount will appear on separate line after product added to cart

Extreme Strip Hands On
Extreme Strip Compared to the Competition
How to build the overall MegaTree
Yard Outline Using Strip and Nodes
Product Features
    • If you need 100, 500, 1000 foot rolls, enter that number of feet into the box above next to "Qty:"
    • Lengths are continuous where possible. For example, if you order 300 feet, we normally ship 300 continuous feet of strip. The customer then needs to cut that strip into lengths specific to their project. In some cases, multiple lengths may be sent for shipping, source roll limits or just overall length requirements. Strip can be spliced if needed using 4 inch zip ties.
    • You can purchase any amount, starting at 5 feet - no need to purchase default amounts if your project doesn't require that much strip
  • Applications
    • Pixel node MegaTrees
      • See chart at bottom of this page for common MegaTree designs and required toppers and strip lengths
    • RGB Dumb Node mounting (not typical)
    • Custom projects including vertical hanging
    • Not generally recommended for house outlines (windows, fascia, gutters, roofs) on houses, instead see our PixelTrim product instead for better results
  • Additional information
    • Free samples available here
    • Compatible with PixNode Classic strip including splicing additional lengths
    • Compatible with
    • UV Resistant additives to extend outdoor life
    • Colors
      • Flat Black
        • Most popular color
        • Resists reflections of lights
        • Looks best at night
      • Flat Green
        • Good for overlays over live or fake "real" trees
        • Good for nature or outdoor commercial displays
      • Flat White
        • Looks best during the day
        • Reflects pixel colors and is more visible at night than black
      • Allows you easily mount around poles / rods / strain reliefs / toppers and most importantly, spice and extend lengths. Our competitors product does not have these making these simple tasks hard or impossible.
    • How we ship Extreme Strip
      • Spool - Strip is rolled onto a plastic 2 Inch core with a 2 Inch ID hub with cardboard side walls. Viewing holes in the side of the walls allow you to see how much strip you have left on the roll.
        • Typically on lengths (qty) over 275 feet we ship on spools. There are a variety of factors that come into play, including other items in the order and box size.
      • Roll - Strip is wound onto itself and secured using shrink wrap
        • Typically on lengths (qty) under 275 feet we ship rolled. There are a variety of factors that come into play, including other items in the order and box size. Examples may be that an order of 400 feet comes shipped as two rolls of 201 feet (we always add additional length to compensate for splices that may be needed).
    • Our hole to hole spacing is not "approximate" like our competitor product and is within .005" (most of the time it is .001") hole to hole due to our CNC punching control system. Even a .02'" spacing error over a 100 hole pixel strip (like some of our competitor products) is 2" inches which can result in an uneven strip-to-strip horizontal spacing. See the video on this product page for comparisons with competitor products.
  • Important Notes
    • All punched strip is custom made to each customer's specifications and not returnable after punched, even if the request to change or cancel is made before shipment occurs.
    • We do not recommend trusting your pixel vendors product listing as to spacing between nodes. For example, if your vendor lists 3 inch spacing, the actual spacing could be 3 inches, 2.9 inches or 3.3 inches or sometimes anything else. We recommend physically measuring your pixels if your spacing is close, such as 3 inch pixel spacing on 3 inch punched center to center spacing. HolidayCoro lists all actual spacing for our pixels in the product description, for example a nominal 3 inch spacing on a pixel string may be listed in the product description as 3.8 inches actual.
    • We highly recommend leaving a little wiggle room between hole spacing and pixel string spacing. For example, if you have actual measured center to center spacing on your pixels of 3 inches, we'd recommend 2.9 or 2.8 inch spacing to allow for "droop" and the occasional short pixel such as when repairs have been made to the pixel at the factory.
    • While we try to ship continuous rolls of product as often as possible, in some cases some amounts may ship as more than one roll due to shipping constraints or physical length limits. Since our product contains splice holes, hooking two sections back together is no problem with 4 inch zip ties.
    • We recommend verifying your design prior to ordering strip. Don't use "recommended" or other peoples unverified designs found on the Internet or Facebook without first verifying the lengths and spacing for yourself. If you need help with designing a megatree, including exact lengths for strip, please contact us and we will be happy to help with your megatree design.
    • We do not ship 'missing' strip from orders. Our punching system is CNC controlled and accurate down to .005 inch spacing. Additionally, due to state measure and weights requirements, we run the punched product though a secondary counting wheel to confirm the length.
      • The #1 reason for missing strip is due to inaccurate design or measurement when laying out the strips. We highly recommend verifying your design, then measuring twice and cutting once.
    • We recommend ordering 5% more strip than you expect as it is much cheaper to purchase this extra up-front than purchasing in a second order.
    • Maximum Lengths:
      • Vertical (Megatrees, Hanging): 140 Ft
      • Horizontal (Between two fixed points, unsupported): 80 Ft
  • Dimensions
    • Strip
    • Pixel Hole Diameter
      • .45" to .455"
    • Pixel Hole Center to Center Spacing
      • .7" to 25.00"
      • As measured from center to center of each node hole
    • Splice / Attachment holes
      • Three of .125" (1/8")
        • Applies only to strips 1" spacing or greater. Spacing .7" to .95" inch does not include splice holes due to physical limitations.
    • Maximum length of continuous strip
      • 1,200 feet
        • Please note that due to the one-off production of this item, 1,200 feet is the absolute maximum length per run.
        • Depending on the length of strip in your order, how your order ships and other items ordered with the Extreme Strip, the total length may be split into two or more lengths. Additional length is added to your order when splicing multiple lengths is required.
    • Hole placement tolerances
      • Node center to center: .005" (this affects the overall evenness of pixels when placed next to each other). Typically this is even closer at .001"
      • Node in center of strip: .04" (side to side)
  • Peak season notice
    • Due to the custom nature of this product, prices are subject to change at any time based on demand.
  • Returns Notice
    • As Extreme Strip is custom produced for each order as to length, spacing and color - this product cannot be return or exchanged unless there is a defect in the product (incorrect spacing shipped, defect in punching, etc).
    • In the case where a customer cancels an order before production starts, a refund will be issued based on our refund policy. If production has started or completed, the order will be shipped as placed and cannot be cancelled.
  • Update History
    • 21-May-2019 - Added additional lengths from 9 to 25 inches for ribbon tree and other custom uses
    • 15-Aug-2019 - Added white and green colors
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Common MegaTree Designs with Required Node Spacing and Extreme Strip Length
Ground to
Base Gap
# Pixels
Quick Tree
Topper Model
Pixel to Pixel
Vertical Spacing
180 Degrees / Half Tree 270 Degrees / 3/4 Tree 360 Degrees / Full Tree
# Feet Required # of Strings # Feet Required # of Strings # Feet Required # of Strings
8.5 4.5 1.0 50 QT2/QT8 2.0 172 16 258 24 344 32
10.8 5 1.0 50 QT2/QT8 2.5 212 16 314 24 419 32
12.5 6.5 1.0 50 QT2/QT8 3.0 244 16 366 24 488 32
18 9 1.0 100 QT2/QT8 2.25 340 16 510 24 680 32
18 9 1.0 100 QT3 2.25 680 32 1020 48 1360 64
20 10 1.0 100 QT2 2.5 376 16 564 24 752 32
20 10 1.0 100 QT3 2.5 752 32 1128 48 1504 64
22 11 1.0 100 QT2 2.75 412 16 618 24 824 32
22 11 1.0 100 QT3 2.75 824 32 1236 48 1648 64
24 12 1.0 100 QT2 3.0 448 16 672 24 896 32
24 12 1.0 100 QT3 3.0 896 32 1344 48 1792 64
30 15 1.0 150 QT3 2.55 1109 32 1664 48 2219 64
40 20 1.0 200 QT3 2.6 1467 32 2200 48 2933 64

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