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Common Questions and Answers
Q: Which is best for me / what is the difference between "Strips" and "Nodes"?
A: Here are the major differences between the two major categories of MegaTrees:
  • Strip / Ribbon / Tape
    • Due to the larger pixel pitch (each pixel is comprised of three individual groupings of LED's about 4 inches long) and the larger size, this tree type is best when viewed at distances of 25 feet or more
    • Strip must be supported and the typical strip based megatree is built using PVC or EMT pipe with the strip zip tied to the pipe
    • Construction requires more customer sourced materials than a node based tree (see product listing for details)
    • Construction requires more customer skill
  • Node / Pixel Node / Bullet Node
    • Due to the smaller pitch size (usually 2 inches), this tree is best for viewing distances of under 25 feet due to the higher density of pixels
    • Kit is more complex and includes mounting strips for the nodes
    • Construction is more complete and requires less customer sourced materials than strip tree (see product listing for details)
Q: Don't I need a 360 degree megatree to make it look like a "normal" Christmas tree?
A: All pixel megatrees have pixels that point directly away from the center of the tree, so generally, a viewer can only see about 100 to 120 degrees of the pixels on a megatree at any time. Since most megatrees are located towards the back of a display, often near the house, the back half of the tree is never visible and thus there is no need for pixels in a direction in which there are no viewers. A megatree greater than 180 is useful in cases where the tree is located far out on a corner lot, in a walk-through park or display (mall) or other display in which more than 180 degrees of the tree are visible.