PixNode CoroFlakeâ„¢ 2 Prong Fancy Snow Flake for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 12 24 36 Inches PixNode Stocking for Smart / Dumb Nodes PixNode Present for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 14, 18, 29 Inches
PixNode CoroFlakeâ„¢ Star Snow Flake for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 12 18 24 36 Inches PixNode Rigid Modular Matrix Panel for Smart / Dumb Nodes CLEARANCE: TWO Outdoor Rated P10 Panels with Cables and Screws 320mm x 160mm
PixNode Round Ornaments for Smart / Dumb Nodes PixelTrim System / Pixel Node, Bulb, Strip Mounting System for Roof, Gutters, Fasica and More (general description, not actual product) Brilliant Bulbâ„¢ - RGB Pixel Globe
Brilliant Bulb™ - RGB Pixel Globe
Price: Varies by Spacing
PixNode Treeâ„¢ Pixel Mini-Trees for RGB Pixel Nodes Gift Certificate / Store Credit PixNode Santa Sleigh LARGE (43.6in Wide x 29.5in High)