Remote Desktop Support Page

You have been directed to this page so that a HolidayCoro support technician can remote control your PC and configure your PC to work with HolidayCoro sequences or hardware.

Once the remote control session has ended, we will not have any further access to your computer and the software will be uninstalled.

Note: If the message "This page can't be displayed" appears, use a different browser such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Firefox. Do not use Internet Explorer.

Setup Instructions (what will happen after you click the CONNECT button above:
  • A new screen will appear in your browser and you will be prompted to download the application that allows us to temporarily remote control your PC:
  • The application will download to your PC and depending on your browser, you will need to "run" or "open" the application titled "ZA_connect.exe"
    • Google Chrome:
    • Microsoft Edge
    • FireFox
    • Internet Explorer:
    • NOTE: Some customers PC's may have scanning software that may have to check the software prior to installation.
    • NOTE: After download, you may have to go to your download folder and run the application ZA_connect.exe
  • After you run the application, downloaded above, you will be prompted by Windows to allow installation of the application, click Yes when prompted:
  • After the application is installed the following dialog box will appear letting you know that we are about to remote control your PC. Click the Join button:
  • We will then have remote control of your PC and work to resolve any problem
  • When the session ends, the software will be uninstalled from your PC