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PRODUCT PHOTO: Singing Christmas Trees for Mini-Lights (For use with LED or Incandescent lights - not included) PRODUCT PHOTO: Flex Pixel Controller System + Large HC-2500 Enclosure / 1 to 3 Expansion Boards / 300 to 700 Watts Power / UP to 16,320 Pixels / Ready2Run Assembled / AlphaPix Evolution or HinksPix Pro CPU PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode Tree Pixel Mini-Trees for RGB Pixel Nodes
PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode North Pole Sign with Matrix PRODUCT PHOTO: Brilliant Bulb - RGB Pixel Globe PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode Santa Sleigh Small and Large
Brilliant Bulb™ - RGB Pixel Globe
Price: Varies by Spacing

PRODUCT PHOTO: 16 Output / 120 Volt Controller for Standard 120v LED and Incandescent Lights / Assembled / Ready2Run / (USA, Canada, Mexico Only) / AlphaPix Evolution CPU PRODUCT PHOTO: CCR Pixel MegaTree Kit - 16 Strips/Ribbons / 800 Pixels / 2,400 DMX Channels / Ready2Run Assembled / Regular Output - 350w PRODUCT PHOTO: Slim Peace Pixel Stakes for Nodes
PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode CoroFlake for 12mm Bullet Style Pixel and Dumb Nodes - 23" Diameter / 100 Nodes PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode Stocking for Smart / Dumb Nodes PRODUCT PHOTO: PixNode CoroFlake Diamond Snow Flake for Smart / Dumb Nodes - 12 24 36 Inches