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DISCONTINUED: AlphaPix™ 4 V1 - E1.31 & ArtNet to SPI Pixel Controller w/LCD Display - 4 SPI + 1 RS485 Outputs

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Our Price: $99.99

Product Code: 722

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NOTE: The AlphaPix 4 V1 has been replaced with the updated AlphaPix V3 which can be found here:

Overview of features
Setting up the AlphaPix 4/16 in LOR S3
Hooking up the AlphaPix 4/16
Configuring Network Setup for the AlphaPix 4/16
Product Features
All AlphaPix configuration, setup and troubleshooting information can be found on our AlphaPix Support Page.

  • General Information
    • The AlphaPix 4 is designed for medium density pixel based projects such as pixel matrix panels, pixel MegaTrees and house outlines.
    • The built-in, backlit LCD panel allows for easy configuration of most settings (pixel type, channels, IP address settings, etc) and to monitor the units settings. Additionally, it is possible to trigger the built-in test sequences right from the LCD interface. Features five push buttons for control of the LCD functions.
    • Three additional LED status lights for monitoring controller state (power, IP address, E131 data signal)
    • Very low cost
  • Controller Basics
  • Data Input
    • E1.31 / sCAN (over TCP/IP over Ethernet)
      • Unicast: 16 DMX Universes
    • ArtNet (over TCP/IP over Ethernet)
      • Unicast: 16 DMX Universes
  • Hardware Data Outputs
    • 4 SPI (pixel) Outputs
      • Overall - Maximum of 2,720 Pixels or 16 Universes / 8,192 DMX Channels
      • Per Output - Up to 680 pixels / 4 DMX universes (exclusive of power, see chart below)
      • Each output features euro style plugs for easy assembly and removal
      • Each output is clearly marked with the output number so it is always easy to find the output.
      • Each output is marked with + / - / Data / Clock order to make assembly easier and error free
    • RS485 Output
      • Overall - Maximum of 512 DMX Channels
      • One individual RS485 port - one DMX universe
      • The RS485 port does not "use up" SPI outputs / not shared with SPI outputs
      • Output features euro style plugs for easy assembly and removal
      • See our Knowledge Base for information on wiring and connecting with LOR controllers
  • Power Input
    • 28 Amps Maximum
      • Wattage per controller
        • 5 Volts: 140 Watts
        • 12 Volts: 336 Watts
    • Voltage Range: 5 to 24v DC (single voltage per controller)
    • Up to 10 AWG wire (we recommend a minimum of 14 AWG for power inputs - see our website)
    • No separate power connection is required
    • Polarity reversal input protection
  • Power Output
    • 7 Amps Maximum (7.5 amp fused blade) per output
      • Wattage per output
        • 5 Volts: 35 Watts
        • 12 Volts: 84 Watts
    • See the chart below for recommended maximum pixel counts per output and per controller
  • Software Data Output
    • Number of different protocols supported simultaneously - One
    • Supported pixel protocols:
      • WS2811 / WS2812 / TM1804 / TM1803 / TM1812 / SM16715 (All HolidayCoro Pixels are WS2811)
      • WS2801 / WS2803
      • TLS3001 / TLS3002 / CY3005
      • LPD6803 / D705 / LPD1101 / USC6909 / UCS6912
      • Does not support "GECE"
  • Software Features
    • Firmware setting adjustments - Most settings via LCD interface, all settings via standard web browser on any device (Mac, Windows, Linux, Tablets, Phones, etc).
    • Firmware updates - PC, Mac or Linux platforms (web browser)
    • Null/Ghost pixels (start of string)
    • Reverse DMX addressing (start at end of string)
    • Zig-Zag / Matrix Addressing
    • Color Order (RGB, BGR,GRB, etc) - adjustable per controller
    • Test / Sample Pattern outputs (RGB) - 22 Variations / Select via LCD+Buttons
  • Warranty
    • Manufacturer Defects - 36 Months
    • Firmware - Free updates for life of unit
    • Warranty excludes any end-user induced or environmental damage (moisture, shorts, incorrect setup and other)
  • Support
    • Hardware Setup - Free. HolidayCoro will ensure that the controller is operational and can output data to supported pixels. Does not include any networking, IP Addressing, sequencing application setup or assistance.
    • Sequencing Application / PC Settings / Networking - Optional End-to-End Setup Assurance (see above when purchasing controller). This option is discounted when purchased at the same time as the controller.
    • For full details on setup and configuration including setup videos, see the AlphaPix Support Page.
  • Physical
    • Operating Temperatures - Negative 4f (-20c) to 158f (+70) / LCD runs down to -4f
  • County of Origin / Assembly
    • China (from globally source components)

This controller is able to directly run, without and with power injection the following combinations of pixel lights:

Without Power Injection With Power Injection
Per Output
Per Controller
Maximum Per Output Maximum Per Controller
30LED/10IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters
(with pre-attached waterproof connection)
2 8 13 54
30LED/30IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 2 8 4 18
48LED/16IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 1 4 8 34
60LED/20IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 1 4 6 27
60LED/60IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 1 4 2 9
8mm/12mm Pixel Node ( bullet or flat/square) - 5v 100 Nodes
(limited by pixels)
400 Nodes
(limited by pixels)
680 Nodes 2,720 Nodes
8mm/12mm Pixel Node ( bullet or flat/square) - 12v 150 Nodes
(limited by pixels)
600 Nodes
(limited by pixels)
680 Nodes 2,720 Nodes
Rectangle or Square Pixel Modules - 12v 150 Modules
(50 to 100 recommended)
600 Modules
(150 to 400 recommended)
680 Modules 2,720 Modules
Brilliant Bulb (Single Bulb) 175 Bulbs 700 Bulbs 680 Bulbs 2,720 Bulbs

NOTES: The above maximum recommendations can vary based on a variety of factors including - voltage, wire gauge, distance between pixels, temperature, color of light output, customer expectations of color rendering and other factors.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Product replacement June 22, 2017
Reviewer: Matt Lindell from Gilbert, IA United States  
I was having some problem with my controller and sent a ticket in and Dave answered with in a few hours and had me try a few things. It appears that I was just going to have to use the item as a 3 port controller. Next think I know I get an email a replacement board has been sent. Sure it's a refurb but my unit was a few years old. I was shocked but also grateful. No questions ask. I have been buying from HolidayCoro for many years and this is just one of the reasons why. I have always gotten great customer Service and fast delivery of product.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
The Alpha leader to my pixel pack! May 29, 2016
Reviewer: James K. from Wausau , WI United States  
So this is my first E1.31 controller, and so far so good. Does what it says it will and does it well. I found it odd and counterintuitive that the outputs are set up "Backwards" in a right to left numerical order, but once I set up the outputs correctly it's not that big of a deal. Artnet works great on my Lighting software which opens up the control options of this controller very well. I'd seriously consider buying another for a different area of my future display.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Great controller at a great price November 22, 2015
Reviewer: Daniel Hogancamp from Newtown, PA United States  
This unit works really well.  I love the test mode, which allowed me to quickly test my strings.  Full featured controller at a great price.  Also, the setup was pretty easy using the videos on the Holiday Coro site.  Well done.

Was this review helpful to you?

  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
Excellent value! November 16, 2015
Reviewer: Marc from Wisconsin, United States  
I really love all of the features of this product but I have 2 complaints that prevent me from giving it a 5 star review. 1. I would prefer if the DMX output was handled with an Ethernet jack. It isn't hard to wire an Ethernet cord, but if you need to move a controller around you either have to wire the output to an Ethernet jack or sacrifice another Ethernet cord. 2. You must have a network connection to boot to test mode. I can see the reasoning behind this, but it is a bit frustrating to wait for the controller to boot only to have to unlock it and reboot into test mode. Other than these 2 complaints, I am completely satisfied with all of the features and the price of this controller.
We did consider going with a CAT5 jack for the E1.11 RS485 DMX output but enough customers were also using standard E1.11 compliant XLR cable that doesn't work with CAT5 Jacks.  We then considered adding both to the board but there was not sufficient space to do so.  The test mode does work, abeit it appears it doesn't, without an Ethernet connection.  After booting the controller, wait for the "NOT NETWORK" warning and then press and hold the "M" button to go into the test mode.

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  0 of 0 people found the following review helpful:
First e1.31 controller! October 24, 2015
Reviewer: Daniel Campbell from San Antonio, TX United States  
This controller is extremely easy to configure and use!  If you are clumsy like me and accidentally short things from time to time make sure to buy extra IC chips for the controller.

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