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>>>> RGB Basics Video Series <<<<
written by David Moore The videos below cover the general topics of RGB as they relate to Holiday Lighting. Video #1 What is RGB?
Animated Lighting 101 - What you need to know before you start with animated lighting displays
We wrote this document for someone just starting out new to be aware of all the major aspects that are involved in building a display. This document alone will save you six months of reading forums a
Black or White Coro - Which is Best?
For nearly all items that use Coro, we use two colors of 4mm coro - white and black.  Some of our products use black, some use white and others use a combination of both colors.  The follow
Customer Supplied Tools and Supplies
As the majority of our products are Do It Yourself, they often require customer supplied tools or materials. This page references some of those materials, recommendations, estimated costs and where y
Death of the Grid (Object Oriented Sequencing or OOS)
Animated Christmas lighting is getting more and more complex each day and programming it all is becoming quite a task. This is an article we wrote describing what we feel is the future of sequencing
Differences between Chip Protocols
This page contains information about the differences between different types of protocols / chips used in pixels   Pixel Protocol/Chip 2801 WS2801 2811 WS2811
Display Design (Presentation)
(2010 Lone Star Holidays Academy) This presentation covers the "higher level" aspects of a display.   Download Presentation
DMX + Power over CAT5 System Details
Some of our products are built on a " DMX + Power over CAT5" system. This article explains about the system and why it may or may not be right for your display. There are cases where
Do HolidayCoro "Coro" type products come with lights?
For products that use "minilights", such as Singing Faces, Skeletons, Dancing Santa, etc, these products do not come with included mini lights. The reason that we don't supply lights with the produc
Do HolidayCoro Controllers Work With Light-o-Rama Software
If you have an existing Light-o-Rama display that uses either Light-o-Rama software (S3, S4, S5) and/or you have existing LOR controllers (AC, DC, CCR, CCB, PixCon, etc) and you'd like to integrate Ho
HolidayCoro Main Technical Support Page
Stuck with setup of your HolidayCoro product? We've got plenty of options for you that are all referenced from this page: General Support Facebook technical support group (post purchase questions only
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status and Policies
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status, Policies and Warranty Information CLICK HERE TO SEE ITEMS IN THE PRE-SALE --> 2018 PRE-SALE #1 STATUS 28-Feb-2018 - 54.8% of PRE
How do you store coro items in the off-season?
This page contains examples of methods you can use for storage of our coro based products.    CoroTrees / Pumpkin Bunch Faces While each customer builds their products a little bit
How many item / elements can I run over CAT5?
The DMX + Power over CAT5 system is an inexpensive and simple system but there are limits to what it can be used for.  This knowledge base article explains the limits of CAT5 cable as it relates
How to link multiple Ethernet based AlphaPix controllers together / Multiple IP Addresses
If your display has more than one Ethernet based controller such as the AlphaPix controller (note that this information does not apply to the EasyLights controller), you may be wondering how to link t
HOW TO: Lining Gutters, Roofs, Soffits and other areas of your house with RGB Lights
We expect to release around mid-February a three part, step-by-step, video guide for how you can line your house in RGB lights as shown on many videos.
How we ship 4'x8' sheets of coro
This video shows how we ship our 4ft x 8ft virgin sheets and larger coro items.
I'm new to RGB Lighting - Where can I go for help?
Have you seen the amazing displays that can be created with RGB based technologies an wondered how you can do the same thing for your display but just don't know where to start? Building elements (Meg
IP (Ingress Protection) Ratings
IP Ratings are used to make it clear as to how resistant a product is against objects and/or water. The rating is made up of two parts - the first digit indicates the protection against objects and t
Mighty Mini RGB Flood Light How-To
Mighty-Mini PowerPoint Provides basic cost and build information for the Mighty-Mini LED flood light.   Also be sure to check this excellent MMFL article: