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Do HolidayCoro products come with lights?
Last Updated: 08/17/2014
Our products are generally sold as a "kit" which require additional parts, including lights. Excluding some RGB elements (CoroStars, CoroFlakes, NorthStar, etc), none of our products are supplied with lights.
The reason that we don't supply lights with the products are:
  • Many different customer preferences. Some prefer LED, others prefer incandescent
  • Each customer customizes their design to their personal preferences. Some customers may want red eyes or others may want green or blue eyes in an element.
  • Customers often purchase at after-Christmas/Halloween sales and are able to purchase products below wholesale prices
  • There are many, many, many different vendors for Christmas and Halloween lights on eBay and the internet.
  • Customers have varying quality requirements
Unless specifically listed, no HolidayCoro product comes with light bulbs.

You can find M5 High Quality Full Wave LED Strings and All LED Strings light strings on Amazon.

For information on the types of lights required for our products, see our recommend lights article.
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