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HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status and Policies
Last Updated: 08/02/2017
HolidayCoro PRE-SALE Dates, Status, Policies and Warranty Information

06-Feb-2017 - 5.3% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (based on orders to date)
10-Feb-2017 - 6.4% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (based on orders to date)
13-Feb-2017 - 16.3% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (based on orders to date)
26-Feb-2017 - 19.8% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
09-Mar-2017 - 25.2% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
22-Mar-2017 - 39.9% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
29-Mar-2017 - 43.6% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
08-Apr-2017 - 45.5% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
02-May-2017 - 52.3% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
23-May-2017 - 59.9% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
24-May-2017 - 62.7% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
31-May-2017 - 65.7% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
09-Jun-2017 - 72.6% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
19-Jun-2017 - 73.6% of PRE-SALE orders shipped
26-Jun-2017 - 76.05% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (completed shipments, does not include partial shipments)
30-Jun-2017 - 80.6% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (does not include partial shipments)
12-Jul-2017 - 81.5% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (including partial shipments), 84.4% excluding partial shipments
16-Jul-2017 - 83.2% of PRE-SALE orders shipped (including partial shipments), 88.8% excluding partial shipments
03-Aug-2017 - 100% of PRE-SALE orders shipped

Orders shipped after June 30th will have their warranty period extended to 90 days from the date of receipt to compensate for any delayed shipments.

2017 PRE-SALE #1

Estimated Date Actual Date
PRE-SALE Order Start Date 16-Jan-2017 16-Jan-2017
PRE-SALE Order End Date 21-Feb-2017 (subject to early termination) 21-Feb-2017
Orders in Pre-Production 06-Feb-2017 - Partial production starts
PRE-SALE Shipping End Date 30-June-2017 30-June-2017
All orders in Production 28-Feb-2017 - All final orders in production 09-Mar-2017
Production Complete 20-Jun-2017
Production was pushed back a bit as we made improvements to a number of our products this season (labels, cabling, connectors, etc) to make our products easier to use. We also had a larger than normal order for pre-sale this year and as a result, production took a little more than 2 months instead of the typical 1.5 months. No additional cost was added for these improved items that will ship as PRE-SALE purchases.
Container(s) Booked 12-Jun-2017
Containers were all loaded on 26-Jun.
Container(s) on Ship 30-June-2017
Ship Name: Cosco Piraeus

Live Map of Shipment (NOTE: This map will NOT update when the ship is outside land and in open ocean)

Arrival at Port of Houston 26-July-2017 26-Jul-2017
CBP Inspection
Not ExpectedNone
Container(s) Delivered 28-Jul-2017
Delayed to insufficient drayage
Outbound Shipments January through 1st week of August Final delivery on 03-Aug-2017
Customer Receipt January through Early August
Drop-Dead Date This is the date after which a customer can obtain a 100% refund
with no penalty for a PRE-SALE order not received by this date

Why make your PRE-SALE purchase from HolidayCoro?
  • The lowest prices without sacrificing quality.
  • With the closing of two companies in 2016 that provided PRE-SALE products and one company that didn't even complete shipment of all their PRE-SALE items, you want to make sure that you have a stable and reliable vendor to ensure you receive your order. HolidayCoro has been in business for 9 years and is exceedingly healthy and stable and you can count on us to deliver your product.
  • HolidayCoro typically carries an inventory measured in the millions, not thousands and this means when you need that matching, cable, light string or controller in November, we'll have it in stock to ship to you that day. Most other PRE-SALE vendors do PRE-SALE's as a side-line hobby and don't maintain year-round stock or are not even open during peak-season. HolidayCoro is a year round company with the inventory and the employees to deliver it when you need it.
  • HolidayCoro is the only vendor that offers free-shipping on PRE-SALE orders (over $1,500, Continental US shipments). Nearly all other vendors quote you shipping only later after your order is ready to ship, months after you order it, so you have no idea what your shipping costs could be and will likely be higher than HolidayCoro due to our volume.
  • HolidayCoro has more detailed and accurate product listings and photos than any other vendor.
  • Have a tax refund coming? No problem, order as late as February 21st.
  • HolidayCoro has the absolutely most comprehensive PRE-SALE status page of any vendor - right down to tracking the position of the ship on which your items are located. See the examples at the bottom of this page of our prior status updates.
  • HolidayCoro is the only vendor with a published warranty period and policy for PRE-SALE items. With other vendors you are subject to their whims or decisions on if they want to warranty an item.
  • HolidayCoro is the only vendor that lists a drop-dead shipment date after which you can receive a no-penalty, 100% refund. At least one vendor has failed to ship all their PRE-SALE orders and subsequently went out of business and others have delivered as late as October with no option for a refund.
2017 PRE-SALE Information:
  • We will be only running a single PRE-SALE in 2017.
  • Free Shipping - Free shipping will apply to single orders (no combined orders) over $1,500 shipped to US addresses (excluding AK, HI and all US territories & a small number of non-PRE-SALE products over 49" in length).
  • Order Early - Since we ship first order in, first order out - if you wait until the last few days to place your order, your order will arrive at the end of the shipping cycle. Additionally, if you have product questions in the last 5 days of a PRE-SALE, it is nearly impossible to get them answered due to the flood of questions we receive due to customers waiting until the end of the sale to place an order.
  • Plan Ahead - Since we do not combine multiple PRE-SALE orders and because there is a change fee to adjust existing orders (see below), think carefully about the items in your order and if necessary, please contact us before placing your order if you have concerns - we want you to have the right items for your project.
How PRE-SALE Works:
  • Holiday lighting is a seasonal business but our employees are not fond of being employed seasonally and since we don't want to loose our awesome employees, we need to keep them producing, picking, packing, shipping and assembling year round even when business is normally slow. To that end, we offer amazing discounts on products in the PRE-Season and this provides work to keep the staff busy year round.
  • We have to meet minimum monthly shipping volume requirements and minimum credit card processing volumes to maintain year round discounted pricing for those services and PRE-SALE's help us meet those minimums.
  • Since we know exactly how many products we are selling by the end of the PRE-SALE, we don't over or under order products and that means less risk of stocking items our customers don't want and that keeps our carry costs lower.
  • Since PRE-SALE prices are so low or in some cases, no profit; we can't make any accommodations like we do with our "stock" items. This is why we have the restrictions listed below that are specific to our PRE-SALE products.
  • Once an order is placed, there is a $15 charge to make any customer requested change that isn't specifically excluded (error on the part of HolidayCoro, discontinuation of product, stock issue, etc.), after the PRE-SALE close, no order changes can be made and no refunds will be issued (excluding HolidayCoro exceeding our drop dead date).
  • Payment is required at the time the order is placed.
  • We do NOT combine multiple orders after they have been placed, including for the purposes of reaching "free shipping" levels. We recommend confirming project requirements prior to placing an order.
  • Due to the unpredictable nature of international production and logistics - listed shipping times are estimated based on our experience with prior sales. We typically are before or right on schedule with shipment dates. The vast majority of orders ship from our stock on hand before the containers arrive, though some items may only be available for shipment after receipt of our shipment.
  • PRE-SALE orders are subject to ship any time from directly after the order is placed up to the "drop dead" shipping date. Customer is responsible for notification to HolidayCoro of any change in shipping address.
  • Customers are eligible for a 100% refund of their order if product has not been shipped by the "drop dead" date on this page.
  • All orders placed with any PRE-SALE item(s) will ship together (or at the discretion of HolidayCoro), we do not break up orders or ship separately for in-stock vs. out of stock.
  • Prices are subject to change at any time, either going up or down, including during and after the PRE-SALE, due to market conditions, stock availability and other factors. We do not make adjustments to prices, either up or down, after an order is placed.
  • In cases where a product design changes from the time the PRE-SALE closes until receipt of the product by the customer, HolidayCoro will provide, at a minimum, the item per the description when the order was placed.
  • We do not allow the following items to be combined with a PRE-SALE order: OFF-SPEC, DISCONTINUED, CUSTOM ASSEMBLED (excludes Ready2Run products). Orders containing these items will be modified to exclude these product categories.
  • All PRE-SALE items are identical to our "regular" stock items - only the price, warranty (see below) and shipping times vary.
  • For your safety and ours, we insure not only our international shipments in transit (truck, ship) but we also insure production at our factories in China against common losses such as fire, theft, natural disaster, etc.
  • Our goal is to completely fill containers and to that end, we reserve the right for early termination of the PRE-SALE.

2017 PRE-SALE Warranty Terms

The warranty period for PRE-SALE items is through August 15th, 2017 - NO EXCEPTIONS.

If you'd rather have the additional service offered by our full season warranty, each PRE-SALE product has a link to the regular product listing.

  • CUSTOMERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SHIPPING BOTH WAYS ON PRE-SALE ITEMS (shipping may not apply in selected cases)
  • Warranty is valid only to the original purchaser of the product.
  • Warranty is not valid on products used in an manner outside their prescribed ranges (voltages, amperage, temperatures, wind loads, etc). See individual product descriptions for technical details and limits.
  • Warranty is not valid on damage to products resulting from improper customer hookup (reversed polarity, shorts, incorrect voltage, etc).
  • Warranty is not valid on items modified outside of their intended use or design.
  • Warranty does not cover functional LEDs that may have slight color differences either from string to string or within a string of lights.
  • HolidayCoro reserves the right to replace, repair or refund the purchase price of items covered under warranty and replacement items in selected cases replaced items may be refurbished.
  • Customers may be required to perform testing to determine the root cause of a failure (see below for additional details) when reporting a problem with a product under warranty.
  • HolidayCoro is not responsible for any incidental costs associated resulting from items covered under warranty. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Reimbursement for loss of performance (e.g. show being down while awaiting a replacement item).
    • Costs associated with removal and/or replacement of warranty items from elements or mounting locations.
    • Overnight or rush shipping on replacement items.
    • Damage to persons or property resulting from improper hookup, use or mounting.

Obtaining Warranty Service

In the majority of warranty cases, electronic based products reported as defective, turn out to be incorrectly configured or wired. As such, we always work with customers to determine the root cause, helping you get to the correct solution - be that a replacement product or getting the product to work properly. In the case of a suspected defective product, please submit a support ticket via our website. Usually, within 24 hours, we can get you an answer or find the solution to your issue or if needed, provide a warranty replacement. We may ask you to send photos of a defective product, return a product or to disable/destroy a product prior to providing a replacement or a refund.

Support Levels

We are sorry but we are unable to offer any technical assistance for design or other pre-sales support for PRE-SALE items. If you would like design assistance for a project, you may wish to consider our "Design It For Me" services.

The following shipping schedule information is from our 2016 PRE-SALE shipments so that customers can see how we update shipping status and how well we meet our shipping dates in prior sales:

2016 PRE-SALE #3
Notes: 10-May-2016 - We have shipped 21.3% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
14-May-2016 - We have shipped 32.4% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
23-May-2016 - We have shipped 43.3% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
30-May-2016 - We have shipped 49.01% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
01-Jun-2016 - We have shipped 51.9% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
05-Jun-2016 - We have shipped 56.7% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
08-Jun-2016 - We have shipped 63.6% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
15-Jun-2016 - We have shipped 71.5% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
20-Jun-2016 - We have shipped 77.8% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
07-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 84.05% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
11-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 86.6% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
19-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 88.9% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
19-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 92.9% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
27-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 97.4% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
30-Jul-2016 - We have shipped 99.15% of all PRE-SALE #3 orders ahead of schedule.
02-Aug-2016 - All PRE-SALE #3 orders have been shipped on schedule.

Estimated Date Actual Date
PRE-SALE End Date 08-May-2016 08-May-2016
Orders in Production 09-May-2016 - 65% 14-May-2016 - 100%
Container(s) Booked
Container(s) on Ship 24-June-2016 (Cosco Auckland 0052W)
01-July-2016 (Cosco Norfolk) - A re-book was required because Chinese customs wanted to perform an inspection
Arrival at Port of Houston 21-July-2016
CBP Inspection
Not Expected Not Expected
Container(s) Delivered 22-Aug-2016
Outbound Shipments We expect that the vast majority of orders (97.3%) to ship by Mid-August. We know that orders with the following items will ship late July:
* 713 (100 Count / 5 x 20 / Mini Matrix / Pixel Icicles)
Customer Receipt Late May through Early August Late April through August 5th

2016 PRE-SALE #2
Notes: 10-May-2016 - We have fully shipped 47.4% of all PRE-SALE #2 orders ahead of the estimated shipping date.
14-May-2016 - The containers have been unloaded but are on customs hold until Monday when the port opens.
16-May-2106 - We were ready to take the containers and even had people come in to unload but the trucking company indicated that there were port delays due to the rain. Now scheduled for the 17th.
17-May-2016 - All product is now in-house and we have started shipping PRE-SALE #2 orders. 52.6% of orders have shipped.
22-May-2016 - 65.4% of orders have shipped.
23-May-2016 - 74.1% of orders have shipped.
24-May-2016 - 79.1% of orders have shipped.
25-May-2016 - 83.8% of orders have shipped. Based on projections and current staffing, we hope to be fully shipped around May 31st - right on schedule for this PRE-SALE.
26-May-2016 - 88.5% of orders have shipped.
27-May-2016 - 96.23% of orders have shipped.
28-May-2016 - 96.73% of orders have shipped. We will be packing on Monday the 30th.
30-May-2016 - 100% of orders have been shipped. Woo Hoo!

Estimated Date Actual Date
PRE-SALE End Date 14-Feb-2016 14-Feb-2016
All Orders in Production 01-Mar-2016 08-Mar-2016
Slight delays due to new product testing cycle.
All Orders Completed 05-Apr-2016 11-April-2016
Container(s) Booked 08-Apr-2016 Containers have been booked and are scheduled for April 15th departure
Container(s) on Ship 15-Apr-2016 15-Apr-2016
Arrival at Port of Houston 13-May-2016 12-May-2016 (delayed unloading with carrier hold)
CBP Inspection
Not Expected Not Expected
Container(s) Delivered 16-May-2016 or 17-May-2016 17-May-2016
Outbound Shipments Mid-May through early June (limited) 2016 30-May-2016
Customer Receipt Now through Early June 2016 1st Week of June

2016 PRE-SALE #1

Estimated Date Actual Date
All Orders in Production 30-Nov-2015 01-Dec-2015
Orders are submitted and in production
All Orders Completed 09-Jan-2016
Container(s) Booked
Container(s) on Ship 15-Jan-2016 15-Jan-2016
Arrival at Destination Port 11-Feb-2016
CBP Inspection Not Expected Not Expected
Container(s) Delivered 15-Feb-2016 12-Feb-2016
Outbound Shipments Late Feb/Early March 2016 As of 29-Mar-2016 we have shipped nearly all PRE-SALE #1 orders. All assembly orders have been assembled and we are shipping those orders.

Remaining orders either back ordered or partially shipped are due to the above listed items.
Customer Receipt Late Feb/Early March 2016 Back ordered items - Mid-April 2016
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