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AlphaPix(tm) 16 V3 - E1.31 & ArtNet to SPI Pixel Controller w/LCD Display - 16 SPI + 3 RS485 Outputs

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Starting At: $174.98

Availability/Ships: Usually Ships in 24 Hours
Product Code: 721-V3

Matching 3 Pin Lead In/Out Pigtail Cable

16 Pairs of Male + Female Waterproof Pigtails [Add $29.99]
Setup and Troubleshooting Assistance

Regular Support (via E-Mail) - Included with controller purchase
Priority Support (via Phone) - With Controller Purchase [Add $49.99] | Purchased Separately [$99.99]
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Controller Warranty Period

Pixel Controller - No Warranty / No Return [No Additional Cost]
AlphaPix 16 Controller - 1 Year Hardware Warranty (DIY Bare Board) [Add $24.99]
AlphaPix 16 Controller - 3 Year Hardware Warranty (DIY Bare Board) [Add $39.99] 
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 - Controller hardware is identical for all warranty levels

[Product Description Page] [FAQ & Documentation Page]
Video Overview (Shows V1)
Configuring with LOR Software
Hooking up the AlphaPix
Configuring Networking (PC)
Product Features
All AlphaPix configuration, setup and troubleshooting information can be found on our AlphaPix Support Page.

  • General Information
    • The 4 layer, 4oz Copper board with the largest current carrying capacity in the market - up to 80 Amps
    • The AlphaPix 16 is designed for high density pixel based projects such as pixel matrix panels, pixel MegaTrees and house outlines.
    • The built-in, backlit LCD panel allows for easy configuration of most settings (pixel type, channels, IP address settings, etc) and to monitor the units settings. Additionally, it is possible to trigger the built-in test sequences right from the LCD interface.
    • Features five push buttons for control of the LCD functions.
    • Three additional LED status lights for monitoring controller power up state and E1.31 data input
    • Automated fan control using a standard CPU cooler fan (not typically required)
    • Input voltage monitor (viewable from LCD and webpage)
    • Per output RGB color mapping
    • Output resistor bank (for adjustments for select pixels and to reduce short circuit possibility)
    • Lowest cost commercial 16 output, full featured controller on the market today
    • Vertical CAT5 Ethernet Input Jack for mounting in tight enclosures
  • Controller Basics
    • 32-Bit CPU
    • Dimensions - Width: 4.72" inches x Length: 7.87" inches
    • Four Mounting Holes - 1/8" Holes
    • Waterproof Enclosures and Mounting Kits Available
  • Data Input
    • E1.31 / sCAN (over TCP/IP over Ethernet)
      • Unicast: 32 DMX Universes
    • ArtNet (over TCP/IP over Ethernet)
      • Unicast: 32 DMX Universes
  • Hardware Data Outputs
    • 16 SPI (pixel) Outputs
      • Overall - Maximum of 5,440 Pixels or 32 Universes / 16,384 DMX Channels
      • Per Output - Up to 340 pixels / 2 DMX universes (exclusive of power, see chart below)
      • Each output features euro style plugs for easy assembly and removal
      • Each output is clearly marked on both sides of the connector with the output number so it is always easy to find the output.
      • Each output is marked with + / - / Data / Clock order to make assembly easier and error free
    • RS485 Outputs
      • Overall - Maximum of 1,536 DMX Channels
      • Three individual RS485 ports - one DMX universe per port
      • RS485 ports do not "use up" SPI outputs / not shared with SPI outputs
      • Each output features euro style plugs for easy assembly and removal
      • See our Knowledge Base for information on wiring and connecting with LOR controllers
  • Power Input
    • 60 Amps Normal / (30 Amps per bank / two individual bank inputs)
    • 80 Amps with 20% Duty Cycle + Automated output shut down enabled
      • Wattage per controller
        • 5 Volts: 300 Watts
        • 12 Volts: 720 Watts
    • Voltage Range: 5 to 24v DC (two separate voltages can be run on each bank of 1-8 and 9-16)
    • Up to 10 AWG wire (we recommend a minimum of 16 AWG for power inputs - see our website)
    • Controller is powered by power input on bank 1 - no separate power connection is required
    • Polarity reversal input protection
  • Power Output
    • 5 Amps Maximum (mini fused blade) per output
      • Wattage per output
        • 5 Volts: 25 Watts
        • 12 Volts: 60 Watts
    • See the chart below for recommended maximum pixel counts per output and per controller
  • Software Data Output
    • Number of different protocols supported simultaneously - One
    • Supported pixel protocols:
      • 2811 Family - 3 Wire (All HolidayCoro pixels are 2811)
        • WS2811 / WS2812 / WS2813 / WS2812B
        • INK1003
        • TM1803 / TM1804 / TM1809 / TM1812
        • UCS1903 / UCS1909 / UCS1912 / UCS2903 / UCS2909 / UCS2912
      • 2801 Family - 4 Wire
        • WS2801 / WS2803
      • 6803 Family - 4 Wire
        • LPD6803 / LPD1101
        • D705
        • UCS6909 / UCS6912
      • 3001
        • TLS3001 / TLS3002
        • CY3005
      • 8806
        • LPD8803 / LPD8806
      • 9813
        • P9813
      • Does not support "GECE"
  • Software Features
    • Firmware setting adjustments - Most settings via LCD interface, all settings via standard web browser on most devices
    • Firmware updates - PC (web browser) - no charge (see firmware page for updates)
    • Null/Ghost pixels (start of string) - Allows longer runs of data (25+ feet)
    • Reverse DMX addressing (start DMX addressing at end of string instead of at start)
    • Zig-Zag / Matrix Addressing
    • Color Order (RGB, BGR,GRB, etc) - adjustable per output
    • Test / Sample Pattern outputs (RGB) - 22 Variations / Selectable via LCD+Buttons
    • Password protection for web interface (optional)
    • Adjustable brightness for LCD via web interface
    • Fan (optional, not usually required - not included) can be configured to turn on a selected temperatures (80f / 26c to 135f / 57c)
    • Built-in temperature monitor can display board temperature and can shut down controller output when user selected temperature is reached to prevent possible dangerous over-heating situations
    • Displays input voltage on webpage and LCD to aid in diagnosing problems and to ensure adequate power is provided to lights.
  • Warranty
    • Varies by customer selection from none to 3 years - see options on checkout
    • Warranty excludes any end-user induced or environmental damage (moisture, shorts, incorrect setup and other)
  • Support
    • The majority of our setup and troubleshooting information and videos can be found on our AlphaPix setup page
    • All support, other than paid Priority support is provided via e-mail. Priority support allows for faster response times and phone based troubleshooting
    • HolidayCoro offers support in the following areas with the AlphaPix controller:
      • General wiring and troubleshooting
      • Testing of pixels (some non-HolidayCoro pixels may have limited support)
      • General setup of the networking needed to support the connection of the AlphaPix to a Windows PC
      • Basic configuration of sequencing applications
      • Basic configuration of output to the RS485 output ports
    • HolidayCoro does not support the following with respect to the AlphaPix controller:
      • Complex networking environments
      • Sending data over wireless networks
      • Configuration of some applications (due to the huge number of applications, we may refer you to your application vendor for instructions on setting up their application)
      • Configuration or troubleshooting of individual sequences
  • Physical
    • Operating Temperatures - Negative 4f (-20c) to 158f (+70) / LCD runs down to -4f
  • County of Origin / Assembly
    • China (from globally sourced components)
This controller is able to directly run, without and with power injection the following combinations of pixel lights:

Without Power Injection
100% Controller Duty Cycle
(@ 100% Full White Output / May require one power supply per bank)
60 Amp input
With Power Injection
(@ 100% Full White Output / Requires external power supplies)
Per Output
Per Controller
Maximum Per Output Maximum Per Controller
30LED/10IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters
(with pre-attached waterproof connections)
1 16 6 108
30LED/30IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 1 16 2 36
48LED/16IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 0 0 4 69
60LED/20IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 0 0 3 55
60LED/60IC Pixel Strip - 5 Meters 0 0 1 18
8mm/12mm Pixel Node ( bullet or flat/square) - 5v 83 Nodes

1,328 Nodes

340 Nodes 5,440 Nodes
8mm/12mm Pixel Node ( bullet or flat/square) - 12v 111 Nodes

1,776 Nodes

340 Nodes 5,440 Nodes
Rectangle or Square Pixel Modules - 12v 78 Modules
1,248 Modules 340 Modules 5,440 Modules
Brilliant Bulb (single bulb) 125
340 Bulbs 5,440 Bulbs

NOTES: The above maximum recommendations can vary based on a variety of factors including - voltage, wire gauge, distance between pixels, temperature, color of light output, controller duty cycle, customer expectations of color rendering and other factors.

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Alphapix v3 December 30, 2017
Reviewer: Timothy Warman from Toledo, OH United States  
Was just as described, dropped right in my controller and with a few setting adjustment, i was back up and running in minutes. Quick shipping even being so close to Christmas. Great customer service. Definitely going to be a returning customer. Thanks

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  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Pretty Satisfied December 27, 2017
Reviewer: Troy Mann from Port Angeles, WA United States  
I liked these controllers and they provide everything I need.  I enjoy the digital display the most.  Being about to configure and test right at the board was great.  Thank you

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
alphapix16 December 25, 2017
Reviewer: alvin ryan from arcadia, FL United States  
a great product.. i Had some problems and called holiday coro... they returned my call that evening and figured out what was round.. Have never had a problem with them.. they take care of there customers...... great job

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
Alpha pix December 20, 2017
Reviewer: william bastien from west sacramento, CA United States  
I've ordered many items have never really had a problem before when I did their customer service is part excellent no other company of I ever work with his so willing to work with you whether it's night time or weekends at all they are absolutely the best feel very comfortable in ordering any item from them you will not be disappointed thanks again HC

Was this review helpful to you?

  1 of 1 people found the following review helpful:
AlphaPix for first time user.... December 19, 2017
Reviewer: Erik Daniel from Lakewood, CA United States  
This is my first year with animated lighting. Had issues with another vendors pixel controller, never got it to work. Got the AlphaPix connected literally within minutes after taking it out of the box. Controller is working flawlessly. I also bought all the pixel strands and mega tree parts and I am now the talk on the block. Thank you HolidayCoro for your great products.

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