HolidayCoro Contact Us Page

From here you can contact HolidayCoro for an entire range of questions or feedback. Most questions are answered in 24 hours.
In order to direct your question or feedback to the department, tell us the nature of the question:

Q: I'm missing items from my order...
A: Make sure to unpack the entire order including inside boxes and open the enclosure housings if you have them in the order.

Q: I can't log into my AlphaPix controller with the password 12345
A: AVG Antivirus installed on the PC and the application is blocking the login, disable it as detailed here. The newest versions of the AlphaPix firmware do not default to a password.

Q: I want to build an RGB project but I don't know where to start - can you help?
A: You bet! We have a blog article that covers the entire process, from start to finish on how to build several common RGB based projects.

Q: I'd like to outline my house in RGB lights - how do I do that?
A: We have a blog article here that covers all the steps needed to outline your house in RGB lights.

Q: I have a bunch of general questions / I'm new the RGB / Where do I start - can you help with that?
A: There are a variety of options available to answer your questions, see our Knowledge Base for details.

Q: How much is shipping on my order?
A: After adding the items you would like to purchase to your cart, on the cart summary page, select your country under "Calculate Shipping Rates:" and a real-time quote will be displayed.

Q: Do you ship International outside the United States?
A: Yes, we do! Common questions about shipping costs, duties and shipping times can be found on our international shipping page. We ship via UPS or DHL.